Anti air gun?

I’m not into the gun, as I can just build something with sideways Stillwinds. You can probably make something with sideways Whirls, but they probably don’t have the range you’d be looking for in air ground battles. You might want to switch it up to Cyclones, Stillwinds or Whirlwinds.

The bomb dropper looks like a lot of fun though. But, its 14 energy for 2, reloads in 7 seconds and probably isn’t as effective as a mess of Crickets.

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I suspect that ACs will be more meta than guided missiles for air battle mode this time.
High velocity sniper weapons might be good too. Remove rotors, remove the threat.

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Yeah, ACs, Nothungs, Kaijus and Scorpions are going to knock the crud out of Helicopters. They might just start to be mounted sideways for elevation.

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I think it will be a fair fight though. It will be easy for helicopters to see where the AC fire is coming from, and if a sniper misses their first shot they can expect rapid retribution.

Dude! Crickets and Helicons on Helicopters are going to be epic. Talk about dropping some bombs. Helicopter rocket builds are going to eat spiders.

1 Griffon, 2 Helicons and a cloak. Just give me my rotors.

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It’s all fine and dandy until a sideway kaiju AA spider shows up.


I wonder if we could use a skinner on a copter to airlift a spider ally to the action on some of the big maps?
Spiders are going to need shields for sure. I’m seeing some groups getting really good at timing the deployment of shields to keep themselves covered continuously, which will be useful in this mode for ground vehicles.

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yeah i can imagine how effective the scorpions will be with those.

cannons are going to suffer pretty bad from this. most cannons cant aim that high up, especially typhoons and tsunamis.

AIR RAID! :crazy_face:

wow i think my replies got screwed up pretty badly… i replied to a bunch of people and my entire post minus 1 reply got cut off. wtf is going on there?

Are the new helicopter “wings” shoot through parts? if so they will be very convenient to side mount with the mounting points.

It’s a bug, was reported yesterday. If edit and remove the second quote the rest of your reply will show up.