Anti air gun?

so i seen that in the notes for the future update and im wondering… how will that be any different from auto cannons?
arent auto cannons already anti air craft guns?
if anything id say they can aim higher?? maybe deal bonus damage against vehicles that are in the air?
ive played warthunder before and seen how the anti air guns work, they have alot more rotation and can aim alot higher then most guns. so idk.

also how would we acquire the rotor blades? maybe i missed it in the notes, ill have to go back and reread them. i know we get one for free to start out but what about the others?

idk i am excited to see the new anti aircraft gun and what its capable of. what do you all think though?

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'in the hands of bots? we are all going to die. muhahahaha :crazy_face: :rofl:

Maybe it’s a turret that can target flying vehicles?

You can mount autocannons sideways so they can point up directly above you. Same for pyres et. al., mount them sideways, facing up to engage anything hovering above you.

NO!!! DO NOT GIVE THEM IDEAS!!! bad mud! bad! wheres the newspaper, i gotta bap you one!
heh joking aside do you think retchers can reach that high? i mean i assume they are going to have the sky box quite high up and im curious how high up retchers can reach.

well yeah but there are huge downsides to that as well. the firing angles on top of turning etc to look at your enemy to land shots. if someone gets beside you then your screwed.

well it is a gun thats anti aircraft so im unsure. maybe it does piercing damage? maybe it has uhh… what do you call that… marked shots?? tracer rounds i think? maybe it has multiple ammunition types?

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They didn’t mention how. I’m assuming it will be via standard BP format. I’m pretty much just waiting for the video preview to find out.

im hoping they make them available to be built with a permanent blueprint once the events done and over with. because if they are locked behind a battlepass then that is NOT going to go over well with a vast majority of people.

i can just imagine the hate and rage that will happen if they lock that stuff behind temporary blueprints…

Temporary blueprints seems to be the way they’re going these days, and I wish that wasn’t the case.

On the plus side, blueprints often reappear later as workpieces, which can bring prices back down to more reasonable levels.

You can also try to profit from the temporary blueprints, by crafting lots while you can, and selling later when they become valuable.
Having said that, there’s lots of old BP stuff sitting on the market for almost nothing, especially since they started allowing people to unfuse BP items to sell.

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yeaaaaah… Tempuras are sitting at 100 coins each and i have 4 of them collecting dust. i just made them cause i thought id be able to sell them but holy crap that price is so low. i had 4 of the buildable blueprints so i just made those. but yeah a ton of the blueprints i have are just worthless. hell itll cost more to make the item then to sell it. :unamused:
i have alot more blueprints then that but they arent worth anything. its a shame to.

That’s kind of my worry too that they’ll turn each rotor into mini passes and end up with having a fee for half the play-able content modes for new comers post bp.


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i sure hope not.
what im thinking is maybe theyll introduce a new faction thats helicopter related. one that focuses on air battles. then theyll make all the rotors and whatnot available from them. the waste land air force!

no thats just an air nuke :rofl:


They already mentioned that most factions had either developed their own or copied others. So I don’t think it will be a new faction. It’s really just a question of how many unique rotors there will be in total.

As for the other thing I just don’t put it past them as far as shoving them into mini-pass because of how they’ve handled other stuff before. I think it’s a really bad idea in regards to major movement parts. They could get around some of the issues (trapping portion of a mode behind a paywall) a little just by handing a default rotor out at say X level. That to me would still be a really crappy way to deal with it.

I’d trust them a lot more if BP content was just early access and things presented in the BP eventually made it into the main game.

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I remember pointing out this gun from map scenery on the new control 17 map… perhaps something like this?

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Imagine if the 53 ACs we already have didn’t have depressing gun elevation.

I am imagining a whirl you can just aim straight up, rather than anything magical that autotargets flying crafts.

Possibly some perk like does extra damage against flying targets (copter equipped enemies that are airborne at the time of impact) so it won’t be any amounts usable outside aircraft focused gameplay.

Probably very fast bullet speed and good accuracy, if they want it to be any amounts of genuinely usable

I am imagining a whirl you can just aim straight up, rather than anything magical that autotargets flying crafts.

I saw this on the Russian livestream. 6 energy legendary you can shoot straight up and it has some kind of explosive flak perk. It looks like a giant double Spectre. 600 durability 700 weight.

It has a cool aiming reticle.

I am going to have a selection of Heather builds for this. It’s going to be fun and challenging.

The irony being that the Whirl is a naval anti-air autocannon that is very clearly designed to aim straight up :pensive:
Targem is reinventing the wheel with it’s “anti-air autocannon” weapon.

They also said that some other weapons will be able to fire upwards better, so hopefully Whirl is on that list. I would guess all the auto cannons have been given a steeper angle, or at least I hope so.
The new gun looks good though. I like that it’s six energy, as that makes modules easier to manage. I also like the proximity detonation aspect. Should be strong in ground modes too, and could be very good in confrontation.

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