Anti Ho*ers

I know you guys prolly think kaijus are bad sluggish etc, but I think you got em wrong,

i personally run a fast small buggy with oppressor since positioning and momentum is a must with such a crippling weapon.

her’s my experience, the most reliable way of killing hovers was always sneak attacks with lots of burst damage, because they have crazy mobility you kinda want to avoid chasing them, so you can unload quickly the most damage you can, and get out, it’s not smart to fight hovers on a dps base unless you are running shotguns, but you are kinda commited at that point.

Enter kaiju, most people Seriously underestimate the crazy damage you do with just 1 peek, plus the fact that it’s not exactly obvious from where you are getting shot at. most don’t even realize what’s happening until you unloaded everything,

most hovers just POP or get shy of repeeking you when you do em dirty, 1 salvo most times puts them dragging on the ground, and at that point your team can deal with em much better.

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I see a lot of people running avalanches on omniwheels against hovers and doing well with similar tactics. Get in, take your shot, and run.