Anti sport clan

So the other day I was playing in clan wars with my clan and we fought against CAO5, and this happened

They jumped the map border and I heard its not the first time they do, and I think do that its just like leaving the game and that can be penalised by a “anti sport attitude” reason, so I put this to report them, maybe as a whole clan, idk if more members of the clan does the same in clan wars. I feel will not make a good night to a player that is in bronce, is the last battle and its 1 win away for getting 600 for a relic and doesn’t win uranium even winning because the enemy suicide before they could deal damage.

i dont fell like you want remove “anti sport clan” behaviour, because if you would play against low ps troll build Derankers, then you probably would not complain since you would have your uranium. It was very visible with retcher shots just to get some score to get uranium.

So topic name should be “i want my uranium” kind of.

Remember you also have free clan score points because of them, so to be “sport clan” you should derank one time…

While i agree derankers are something that should not exist, but it exist… just because of wrong reward system.


And if you need some evidences you don’t need to go very far. Just see some monday’s top 60 clan streams and observe the uranium party :D. Teams at top 20 playing cw with rare and special weapons, giving 13 points and uranium to direct opponents . Meanwhile, the majority of the clans is trying to get lucky at magic 180 points :wink: Good luck for all