Any word on crossplay?

I dont reddit. Have devs said anything more about crossplay? I think it was promised for 22’ earlier this year. Since the promise, I havent heard anything more…

They at first said by the end of this year…

Now they’ve said ‘they’re working on it/next year’ so I wouldn’t hold your breath at all… Makes me think it may never happen now.

25:35 they mention it -

That’s all we’ve been told as the Reddit admin said they can’t discuss it

Thanks for the feedback. I think most were skeptical but I still was curious if they had shared any more info.

How shitty, especially cuz they literally promised it. Not said they wanted to do it or would. They said it WILL be in game by end of the year. Guess another year I’m still not playing their game again.

Well they said hopefully this year, so in theory it could even happen in the next update.
The delay could be technical issues, but it could also be the console companies dragging their heals.

I’m going to have to agree here.

If it was going to happen they would know more.

I think that they would also be promoting this pretty hard if it was going to happen any time soon. At least on their own website.