Anyone else feel the fun draining with these new challenges?

Maybe you should go get on that now, free-loader, and stop harassing these fine citizens with your constant complaining.


lol I still haven’t finished mine either but I’m not going to complain about it unless the strip the reward from it right before I finish it.

Last time I tried this account in there, it was bugged and didn’t seem to score, like poony4u’s did after he quit his clan. I did the same thing with this account, and the last time I tried it wasn’t registering any points towards that all elusive Confrontation Tutorial either.

I’ll try not to complain about it too much…like that “other guy.”


The only people happy about this are whales and long time players/CW players etc who are in active clans and can bring OP build down to 9k to mop the floor with dudes struggling to get to 9k.

I REALLY wish I didn’t hate this as much as I do.

I loved this game. (past tense intentional)

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If all I had to do was log on to get a couple thousand badges, I wouldn’t be too upset either. To hear those kinds of people brag about their “Skillz,” and what a looser you are not being able to make the new system work for you, makes me roll my eyes.

I’m not likely to give up on any of this stuff easily, but I do hope they do more than give us three days of premium. I’m not really feeling the remorse with that, and I think I just ignored the last offer.

I’m certain Rex didn’t though. He never misses a free lunch.

You have to beat your previous scores for it to register. (might be part of the issue.) I think there are bugs also but that other one is a major issue.

Yeah, this mode pretty much puts you in a contest with yourself.

You have to beat your own scores to get points.

They will be marked in green when you do better.

Nah, I mean the confrontation tutorial challenge. The needle didn’t move at all the last time I was in there. It sucked too, because I did pretty good in Confrontation mode that time.

My Auger-Goblin-Huggin Brick chewed up those kids in their Cheese-boxes pretty good, and the aces on my team were damn good team players, keen to exploit any advantage I could lend them. It was fun, and I learned I like the 4x4 format, even though I found it a little intimidating at first.

Nonetheless, I didn’t pick up a paycheck for it. And my poor Clan, made up of my echo, my shadow, and me didn’t benefit from the exercise at all. Maybe next time.

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t move if your in the right mode doing damage like it asks.

It’s a known bug, or it was anyway. I have heard they fixed it, but Poony4u is ahead of me on the status of the fix. He had the bug before I did. I thought I heard the fix was already on-line, but I haven’t seen the results. I’ll give it a shot tonight, and see how it goes, but the last time I was on, I didn’t see any kind of progress. I think it’s been at least 4 days since I had access to the mode.

I got on last night to give it a whirl, but I got tired of waiting for it to open up. It read like an hour till opening when I logged on, but I lost interest before that. I tried to hang out, but PVP was not doing it for me, and I was burnt long before it was made available…plus I was aggravated with the whole issue, and that made it harder for me to be patient, probably.

If poony4u is around, I’d love to hear his input on that issue and the status of the supposed fix.

It has to be done in the exact mode. I don’t have it finished either.

Yes, I know, but I was loitering in PVP while the timer wound down, waiting for it to open, and PVP was sucking pretty bad, with the shoot-your-guns-off thing they have going on. I got flustered and logged off. I watched “The Boogieman” instead, then went to bed…I didn’t make it through that either, actually. I have a little bit of that left to watch still, if things don’t work out tonight.

That’s normally why I try to use way different ps zones between builds. I just make the leap and then the same users aren’t on most of the time.

Edit: So I might go from 11k to 7k or something similar.

Did you change clans or join a clan within this season?
Because I think that was my issue. Everything normal now, although I still don’t really understand the scoring system for advancing your rating.
Last week I was still able to contribute and clear the two tutorial challenges though, so it’s weird that you can’t.

If you’re on PC: Friend me on PC like I said before I can increase to a clan if I need too. I don’t mind if people are not that PVP focus we can do and cut corners when and if needed.

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Ya I did. I made a clan and then I dissolved it to join REXmachina, but we seem to be cool now.

I played for an hour just now, and I seem to be clearing the challenges. Confrontation mode opens in 30 minutes, and I expect I’ll be able to earn points towards that Confrontation Tutorial too…finally…I hope.

I think I understand the rating system that is based on your top 5 scores, but I did learn one thing I didn’t know, and that is that I am advancing clan challenges, like “Win 40 battles in missions or brawls” through Patrols. I didn’t think that was a thing, but I’ll gladly take it. Patrols are easy, so that can take a little pressure off, if I need it too.

Typically that’s where I usually am when I play; PVP or raids. I can’t say I like the place PVP is in right now, but I’ll probably end up doing it anyway. The glass guns are frustrating though.

Right now I’m way behind…or I was way behind on all my challenges, so I tossed together one of those cannon-MG-AC combo builds and got stuff pretty caught up. I’m pretty much ready to just screw around now.

I’ll head back in to do some Confrontation mode in a moment, but I’m already tired and want to go to bed, so I probably won’t last very long.

I hope it doesn’t suck, but I’m gonna do it for a bit anyway…I should make some coffee.

My 6K builds are good, but when it comes to 9K, I need more better gear, probably. I never had any intention of playing that high until now. Now I ponder it a bit more.

My game time typically involves PVP and copper raids…Patrols if I’m behind. I’ve been doing a lot more patrols than I ever have. For years I wouldn’t touch them, but this year has been a little rocky, and I’ve resorted to patrols to finish challenges, when before I did most everything in PVP.

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Hi Doc

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Thanks. My Yahoo mail issues seemed to have worked themselves out. I still don’t know what the problem was, but I tried to log into my mail today and it worked. I’m afraid to log out now.

I loved that show when I was a kid.

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Somehow I missed the window. Now I’m supposed to wait another hour and something. I hate this crap.

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it’s what they want to happen… just like making raids 20/30 mins… have people on more checking for things constantly

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