Anyone else feel the fun draining with these new challenges?

That’s why I think there should be a secondary practice slaughter practice zone at the offset times. I missed it too.

They should announce it in the game chat.

Ya, it feels nefarious to me. It’s a dick move on the developer’s part. I’m wanting to smack a Russian nerd pretty bad at the moment. I’d have to wait until about midnight now to catch the next match. It’s not going to happen.

The way I see it is they’d have to either be real dicks to do something like this or real stupid. I can’t see it any other way. I’m guessing they’re not stupid, but those are the only two possibilities…maybe a combo is possible.

Great Update! Thanks Devs.


Observationally blind would be a better term.


Even using the adventure map as a player lobby would keep me lingering longer. I’d uninstalled the game out of frustration, but gave in and reinstalled it. Then, after going through this crap, I uninstalled it again. :joy:

I do hope they fix it.

If really feels like they’re killing their own game. The conversations over on reddit and discord are much uglier than they are here.


The game can be harsh my cousin did this after a cannon nerf he’s was like but I worked so hard for that relic. I hope they fix it too.

I will only play what I want to play and even occasionally, thanks to this update I spent 200 € on flight simulator hardware and software in anticipation of my diminished presence in XO


Are you talking about “Aim”?

What is this aim thing you are taking about, it’s complete heresy shoot all over the place it gives the crews’ a good living cleaning up after the games are over. :smiley:

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Not something you have much experience with

That’s a good knock… I actually wish sometimes they would do the crossplay so I could see all of you in battle.

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Yeah I’ve always said I’ll face PC players, I don’t care about the mouse and keyboard aim in this game compared to an fps I just want games with less bots and more players… enough cheat with mnk on console anyway

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Even with a mouse I don’t have the greatest aim in the world but I’m wonderful with shives… If it’s under 300 meters I might be able to hit a drone with a single cannon shot across a field. I’d really just like to see how other people play with their other controllers though. Even if it was just a reserved area I’d still like to see it.

Good for devs. They help player understand this game is a husk has become slightly worse now :wink:

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Why are you always so negative. Try to make a joke or something…

I feel like mouse aim is better primarily for tracking, things like hitscan mainly.

Even on a controller I find projectile weapons and such quite easy, I can flick my aim to where it needs to be much easier than I can track a target perfectly… That’s why console get such intense aim assist but I hate using aim assist… I think it makes your aim worse and you get lazy because it’s not actually your aim

On the other foot I’d hate to have to drive using mouse and keyboard, that would be my pain lol


Depends on the mouse some you can adjust the dps scaling so they move slower for more precise shots. Beyond that I think your steering should be better based on the patch notes and what I know about controllers and keyboards. So I think it would be interesting.

The W joke is actually funny but it should include Q&E or A&S … I don’t think most PC users know what a break is half the time they just slam into each other like it’s a cheesecake smooshing party. It can be that bad… lol

I’ve broken 2 Bumpers on my controller because it’s my handbrake…

On PC I run 400dpi… I run low sensitivity for accuracy but enough to do a full 360 with a swipe across my mousepad

Mines set really high but I only really have 2 inches to work with side to side. I’ve adjusted it down in game though. The cabinets and other computers limit may mouse range across my desk. I try to fix what ever I can get my tiny little hamster paws on lol…

I’m actually a little jello that you have dynamic steering and we can’t do it with out leaving the keys…