Anyone else having problems launching the game?

It gave me an error when I launched it earlier, it said something about a corrupted file. I clicked the repair button like it wanted me to, and now it still is having issues. I got it to work somehow earlier, but now it just won’t. It is being super slow on the “copying files” and “analyzing files”, and the gray bar at the bottom is full, even though it still says the same thing. On the task bar on my desktop, there is a loading bar under the logo for XO, but it is moving EXTREMELY slowly. When it finally fills, the launcher goes from saying “copying files” to “analyzing files”. the when that one fills, it goes back to “copying files”. it’s stuck in a loop. Why is it doing this and how do I fix it?? :sob:

Fuzz, try setting your launcher screen settings to these, and see if it helps.

I don’t have the “auto update” or the “Launcher hidden to tray” options.