Anyone else love the flight mode but think it needs work?

Love the helicopter mode, like really love it, but damn I use Pyres and even I am getting tired of the lock on beeping.

We need a cheaper easer passive counter to missiles so people don’t constantly spam them, the lock on noise needs to be less annoying and the argus needs to be able to fire up.

But those are only minor gripes compared to the other flaws.

flaw one: bots are useless

Most bots are completely useless, Granted the missile armed ones and the assimbler armed ravaged ones are really good at taking out players and pulling their weight hte rest are useless.

solution: unique AA bot

Easiest way to fix is to give unique builds to the bots designed for the mode like a walker with side mounted millers, a nest armed ravager scout hover, a omni scout armed with side mounted stillwinds and a cloak. Just anything besides the normal ground to ground bots.

Flaw two: auto aim weapons, pyres, and drones

now all of these can be delt with the problem is you have to actively and constantly deal with them as they are the meta for the mode, things are just to tanky and mobile in the air which results in these things being the easiest way to do anything.

solution: mobility limiter, you must be holding space(PC angle lock) to be lock onto hostile targets. this would put some risk to missiles, and other lock on builds with the flight drones you just have to hold space to deploy them and be maintaining level flight.

note: this would only really work if the caucausus is given the ability to mount it facing any direction. and yes for missiles it isn’t much of a nerf but they need something else.

Flaw three: the lack of AA weapons and countermessures.

solution1: a flak cannon line of AA guns, special having 1 barrel, epic 2, legendary 4, all are autocannons with proximity detonation and air versions of the fire puddles.

solution2: passive counter missile. AMS launcher, a system of lasers chaff, and flares, contains 4 shots by default gets more with ammo boxes. each shot destroys all nearby hostile missiles and prevents lock for 10 seconds. this is a passive module that costs 1 power and takes the defensive module slot (so can’t have it with an omnimori) but it makes you practicly immune to missile based weapons for an ok ammount of time.

passive counter note: isn’t activated by flutes or tow missiles as those are manually guided

Just use the argus module, stops all missiles right in its tracks and it reloads very fast unlike chameleon. Also always stay moving and even if you can’t see where the rockets are coming from there is still a good chance you can dodge them by not staying stationary and stay strafing so when I am farming bots and hear the incoming missile alert i don’t panic i just keep going about my business even if I am still waiting on the argus to finish reloading.

point just went over your head on that.

To comment on the missile noise part I wish they just remove the beep noise for the trombone that is all, it does hardly no damage and you can’t dodge it anyways. If i knew it was a trombone coming I wouldn’t waste a argus or cloak on it but there is no way of telling.

I generally find that that doing a hard nose dive will make most rockets miss. They also dont need to make anything new nor a limited event that wont be staying around long

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Turn it off in settings->Interface-> Rocket strike alarm.

As they should be. Assembler bots need removed.

Everything already exists to negate these.

Again, already exists in game. Try the autocannons coupled with Harpy cabin. They already have a high damage explosion component. Want to get really nasty? Upgrade your autocannons for +10% more explosion radius.
The idea in this game is you make the build to fit the situation. The tools are there.

Use something different. Take one beeper out of the beeping by playing machine guns (or anything else that shoots distance and is aimable). Take another out by using those machine guns on enemy beepers. Any of the damage reduction MG’s or Chain gun MG’s are pretty good.

I got tired of pyres the first few days, been playing different builds every day (still play the pyres some though!). Was dropping Kings and Kapcan’s from the sky the other day… didn’t score much but dang it was fun.

The easiest solution is the simplest solution.

Unlock camera view and direction of travel from each other.

Yes, it’ll be harder to fly - or at least the learning curve will be steeper.


The reason the caucus, hurricane, pyres, hawks and other “No kook” weapons are doing so well is they don’t require you to constantly FACE YOUR ENEMY the entire time you’re shooting them.

The current set up severely limits how you can even engage your enemy, being more akin to a WWII fighter pilot than a helicopter. You can either chase someone around in a dogfight, strafe, or if your recoil/thrust is balanced, Hover and fire.