Anyone else scooping up stabilizers?

They’re for sale yet no un-fuse event yet and people are just giving them away

I crafted higher ones from the lower ones and sold them all. For 2 legendaries, 1 epic, and 2 rare, I made $195. I’m content.

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The way I see it people will have Thors, Omamoris and Stillwinds to un-fuse… especially with Odin

On Xbox I’m buying legendary stabz for 75c… so about 1100c for 15 to un-fuse… and those items are selling for 12k+ so 10k profit with current prices. So let’s see…

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I meant to, but I am away from the Xbox for the next four days. I had about 15 minutes on the game when the new balance changes/ season and pass went live and I secured 4 Millers and a Huginn before the prices shot through the roof.

I regularly feel stabilizer famine and would prefer a squirrel horde of them but I won’t be on until Monday. If they are still 70 coins, I will get about 50 gold and 20 purple stabilizers.

I have 3 fused Stillwinds. They are good but I don’t love them. They can’t play range against Scorps and they can’t brawl against shotguns and dogs. They are kind of a good midrange banger gun for Levi wars but a lot of guns fit that bill. I won’t miss them.

Regarding the Odin,

I spent my two Thor generators from the last mini pass on Retchers so Odin is out of the question for me for the time being. The only way to secure one of these generators is to have 2 of every kind of legendary you can’t craft, Thor, Omamori Stillwind and Pegasus and wait until your crafting recipe comes in season.

Odin is the most terrifying item in Crossout. I’m pretty sure 4 Punisher builds are going to become a thing, as those only require 1 Radiator to work well.

In addition, 4 Porc +Flash/Kapkans should be common place.

My firedog has always suffered from needing more energy. I always want a Radar/Omamori/Argus/Interceptor and have slot space for only one of those items.

I’m worried that Verifiers are going to be used on hovers more, and together with the Flash nerf, firedogs may go way down in popularity, making the game more campy and spider centric than it already is.

Imagine 3 quad Punisher Nova spiders on Gerrida, with a Scorpion hover hiding behind them taking pot shots at everything that won’t come into machine gun range.

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its also a double edged sword to. the thing is 8 squares long, 4 squares wide and 2 high. it has a huge explosion radius and i dont see people being able to fit them on builds to well. they have over 300 hp but if you can pop it then there goes the entire build. would be funny if it exploded youd see a nuclear mushroom cloud though!


Even I can fit it in my build with cloak and Aegis lol


I’ve made my choices


‘This is funny and sad’ … :crazy_face:

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Yeah no one cared about relic stabz lol

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I cleaned up on Power Units. I bought them over last summer for 150c each. Had quite a few of them. I wish I could say it was planned. But it was really just “why not” bids while I was bored fishing.

With the fuse event, I don’t think I’ve ever had this much free inventory space.

I’m glad power units are back to this price, now my last purchase price doesn’t make me look insane lol… I had to use 5 to fuse and re-fuse back int he day. .spend like 8k or so and then a week later they were in a pack. Pain.

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