Anyone having trouble winning in invasion since update?

I don’t play much invasion but i noticed the win rate of my levi went thru the roof since the update, having multiple victories every single day. My levi used to win about 8% of games now my levi is winning literally 50% of games. Woke up today logged in and saw 4 wins and 4 losses. Cashed out my 250 copper redeployed and got another win and 2 losses two hours later. My levi ain’t won this much in years what did the devs do to invasion to make it so hard?

I’m guessing Leviathans might be aiming at guns now, like the raid bots.
Makes me think I need to make a Leviathan and see what it can do now.

yea i noticed raids seemed a little more tough, frontier defense is what I play’s. Guess all those tower retcher builds is getting their retcher’s shot off faster than they can blink.

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Do the CW Leviathan rules about multiple weapons of the same type apply to Leviathans we only send out on Invasions?
And if so, what exactly is the restriction? (I’m at work today and want to do some planning for a Leviathan to build tomorrow)

i didn’t know there was a rule about having multiple weapon’s of the same type on a levi. I got 4 imps, 3 toadfish, 2 cyclones, a destructor and a heather on mine.

and a kaiju

Almost another victory, results from last match that she nearly won, I got 6 enemies destroyed and 33000 damage got 66 copper for a lost. levis just consistently doing insane damage even in the matches it do lose in it still does pretty good, seems everyone is having a rough time with it.

I haven’t played Invasion forever, but for a long time it was the only “raid” I would play.
I think I’m going to start playing it again if it’s actually truly challenging now.

It is more challenging but hard to put my finger on what’s different exactly. Tried out a few invasions then and lost 2 out of 6. Also my levi got another win since last post and raked in 150 copper in 1 hour alone. The thing is non stop winning. If i redeploy after every battle I will average well over 100 copper an hour just with my levi alone. 54k levi usually gets 1 match an hour during peak hours.

Does anyone know if the Leviathan AI is capable of triggering cabin perks or defensive modules?
Like will it know to trigger the cohort perk when it starts taking damage, or to trigger an interceptor if someone snares it with a Kapkan?


1 invasion leviathan AI especifically always was able to activate “perks” like those, I doubt they would remove those with the AI changes if the “goal” was to make the AI more “challenging” to fight against.

2 leviathans can’t be kapkan-ed

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15 enemies destroyed and if i redeployed after each battle I would of got the full rewards but devs are cheap can’t even give you your fair share of copper for investing into something that costs 10s upon 10’s of thousand of coins.

My levi has 3 wins 3 months ,thats it,
Back in 2017 invasions were fun, had the medal for 5000 kills.