Anyone here play on steam deck?

The game constantly freezes randomly it’s annoying as hell

wether it’s on desktop mode or big picture mode

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Don’t have one but there’s some basic stuff to try though:

Hope it helps.

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I have considered getting one to play while I am traveling which I do quite a bit of. Recently bought some Nreal Air AR glasses. The combo of a steam deck and those make it seem like a great traveling gaming solution.

FWIW, I’m getting very close to talking myself into buying one. They’re currently on sale… 10% off, I think.
I use my YouTube money for “toys…” and this would def be a toy.

The vast majority of my game play is on CrossOut, though. I need to hear more about other people’s XO/SteamDeck experience first, though. I’m also a mouse/keyboard player & want to see how that works, too. I have a decent portable gaming pad & mouse I use with my laptop.

I just wish there was more info out there about it all…

my buddy uses one on his hotspot at work while waiting for the next trailer he needs to move… he bought the base model and upgraded the storage himself , never heard a complaint

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Does your buddy play CrossOut on it?

yea , he also uses it to play games streamed from his desktop

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