Anyone know what this means?

What does S.W.A.F. stand for? I tried asking in game chat and the most degenerate things came from it. So I’m asking here, where there isn’t degenerates (for the most part, anyways).

Special Weapons Assault Force? IDK, but I’ve been wondering about that too. I’m curious.

Sweden uses the same Acronym for Swedish Armed forces. It could be Special Weapons or even Steppen Wolves. Being they use Assault force on some of the packs I’d probably go with that.

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It would make sense that it’s Steppenwolf Assault Force, that checks out

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Star Wars Action Fleet? That was actually used by Micromachines ™ for their Star Wars ™ toys back in the 90’s.


Super Weird Angry Fudge?? :laughing:

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SWAK meant Sealed With A Kiss. SWAF? What word could replace kiss and starts with an F?

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here you go, friend, i know the internet can be a confusing place, especially with those darn kids skating on the sidewalk!


Just a small detail.

That definition may only be a regional one.
It’s from a Urban dictionary but from where? to whom?

here we are in a multi national platform . Just thing it’s to specific to one place.

Silent Wet Anal Farts.
Be sure to change your underwear after you get a Swaf :poop:

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S.W.A.F. :100:

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It’s the sticker SWAF…

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S.W.A.F was founded by Iron Hand of the Steppen Wolf in 2037 after world war 3 in the rise of the Wastelands. Was created to try to keep some type of order in the wasteland.

With the world war 3 happening the use of AI in war and the world was already weak from all the wars and the AI (Ravagers) turned full sentient. Doing the finishing blows to mankind and those who survived hid away building and scrapping making thus war machines we use in the waste lands now.
An all the rapid advancements from war and race against time to put an end to the war only gave the Ravegers more tools to use against us all.

Some even say Ravegers was helped by a higher technology known as E.T.'s watching our war using coding to assist our demise with our already smart AI making it have abilities to spread. Even some think its organic and machine intertwined is what makes Ravegers so nasty.

The Ravegers using our own satellites against us as weapons and turn into a hivemind of information using Elon Musk Starlink and other satellites. Humanity never seen all this coming till it was to late. As the AI waited for the best moment to strike acting as it was controlled by us and to our knowledge but was only acting as it already was planning, evolving, and thinking of how to destroy us.

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Way ahead of you, bra. :robot: :scream:
2023.11.29 003
By which I mean to say they’ve already invaded my exhibition on the PC. We’re doomed. :jack_o_lantern:


Yep doomed for sure. :skull_and_crossbones: