Anyone know what to do with this?


Hit a new personal best in scrap metal, never had this much before. Been grinding red light battles for it and now idk what to use it on. Any suggestions? :laughing:

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save it or if u do raids make repair kits.on pc anyway,not sure about console .


Craft a relic, it will all disappear.

On console, selling repair kits is often more profitable than selling the resources, but always good to check with a calculator first, as prices fluctuate often.
Another good bet is to craft rare items, especially wheels. Buy check the market first, as these free packs we keep getting can crash the price on some lower level items.

These days I usually just sell my resources, unless I’m trying to craft some higher tier item. I have enough stuff that I don’t feel like I need to maximize my grind anymore.

i had 360,000, just wait for a good time to sell it

Wow, I thought I had a lot… I guess 5k isn’t much. :sob:

on xbox scrap is like 6 coin so i keep buying it