Anyone wanna calculate how much this dude spent?

:crazy_face: :clown_face: :upside_down_face:

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That’s awesome, good for him!

I hope this thread is a “congrats on the new gear thread” and not a “full grown men should feel bad about spending money” thread

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Eh. Good for him. But I don’t think people should care.

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if you have the money to spend, who am I or anyone for that matter to tell you how to spend it.

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In this game there are players owner of milion coins and milions $ too…

No no no… I was hoping one of you would actually do the math. I mean, that’s impressive. :rofl:


I think this dude spent at least :whale: :whale: :whale:
I don’t dislike people who spend loads of money on this game in fact I see it as a good thing, it’s just when they rub it in your face, bragging about it, I find that problematic. I am like okay there :whale:


Lemme throw my calculation…

“Some dough”

I feel like it’s close to the real sum :upside_down_face:

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Same… I’m piggy backing on them to a degree.

Though there is a bad thing about people spending loads of money on this game, it makes the devs think everyone should be :whale: ing out so they push more and more $$$$ orientated practices alienating those who either can’t or don’t want to spend money on this game let alone :whale: amounts of money, kinda puts a target on the people who support this game financially

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True… too true.

A smart developer will balance the two.

Give the whales something to spend money on that they enjoy, but make the game perfectly enjoyable to people who don’t spend a dime… meaning the grind can’t be oppressive, and seal-clubbing has to be kept in check.

This game clearly knows how to loosen the wallets of the whales, and it’s not terrible with the newbs. The freebie newbie players, though, are the ones this game should pay more attention to. I don’t know how many whales this game has, but if the whales don’t have non-whales or at least smaller whales to play with, the game dies.

I like the BP season thing for the most part… seems to give people who don’t want to spend thousands every year a way to keep the game fresh.

Seriously, though… how much did that dude have to spend? :rofl:


I have a few games that falls into those requirements. They say, %one of those games I know% John Carpenter spends a good chunk of his time in.

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I think if the person bought the elite BP and then crosscrowns for the levels my rough estimate is around 200$ USD
Assuming they bought the elite BP and the higher crosscrown pack(s)
If that is the case

If it is only $200, then that’s not a bad price.

He saved Waaaaaaaaay more then $200 worth of time.

Time > Money

Some people don’t value their time to be worth much.

Y’all check my math…
$35 for the elite battle pass.
That gets him to level 15.
He gets 4 legs via the season, then spends 250 lighters per leg after that.
There are 24 legs.
He’s bought 20 legs at 250 lighters each.
That’s 5000 lighters.
If he completed the first round of challenges, he’s unlocked to level 22, giving him
Only 4910 lighters to go.

To the end of the season, he’ll get an additional 1450 lighters, paying 30 crosscrowns per level beyond level 22
128 levels x 30 crosscrowns = 3840 crosscrowns
4910 lighters - 1450 lighters = 3460 lighters to go.
15 lighters per additional level at 30 crosscrowns per level.
That’s 231 additional levels he had to pay for.
231 levels x 30 crosscrowns each = 6930 crosscrowns.

10,770 crosscrowns are needed to get the lighters to get the legs.

1500 crosscrowns are $99.

7 x 1500 10,500

330 crosscrowns are $25.

So, $35 for the elite battle pass.
$700 for 10,500 crosscrowns.
$25 for 330 crosscrowns.

IF my math is right, that there is a $750 toy.

$760 then. IMO I wouldn’t pay that here but people do what they do.

The actual question is: how many miniBPs they gonna fit in during the summer?


As many as possible. :rofl:

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I really don’t care enough to figure out the math, I still say good for him.

But if it is $200 then I think he got value for time spent > money.

If it is $750 then…. That might be a little excessive.

But still, to each his own, and good for him.

It’s crazy how people worry so much about other peoples business. Am not sure how you guys grew up, but People get beat up in real life talking about other people money.

I know it’s just a game conversation, but minding your own business might go a long way in this case.

I love ya, man, but for one who flexes as hard as you do, that falls a little flat.

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Luv you to brother, But I don’t spend money on my parts, So it’s not the same thing.

Also, I’m talking about my own bussiness.