Anyone want to stream gameplay?

We got alot of voices here. But not necessarily the knowledge of who plays what and how well. We got a thread for gameplay, but thats always just choice cuts. Anyone ever wonder what someone here’s average session is like? I get bored time to time and wouldnt mind watching a live stream of some good gameplay. I also wouldnt mind live streaming some myself.

Anyone interested?

Name a time and link your stream if you are. (I.e.- “ill stream wednesday at 12 PM Central US time, on Twitch” [insert link]) ← something like that

Or if youd like me to, i can as well. Hell, ill even let you pick my build out of my lineups to play with. My booster gameplay is probably my most entertaining id say.


We were talking about streaming the other day and how it’s a waste of time.

Why anyone would want to watch someone play when they can just play is beyond me.

But more power to you. Good luck.

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I wasn’t sitting around being a troll… Sorry but no there is no we in that. I did tell off some trolls though.

I wouldnt mind streaming things to watch but i got ather issue its called a legal problem ive been stuck in for last 4 years+ i hope i can end it this year but i kinda became a citizen of crossout for this period of time. Also if i wane stream anything i need ask permission from my own goverment and ather thing i have is if i do recieve a donation from anybody right now if i get in court (with my employer) then he can say im frauding him when i dont… im stil a ghost employee in the current law system / rules i live in.

So yeah im realy upset i cant share my know how of serten things in the game specialy since i spend a lot of time playing the game almost endlessly now. and this also has financial issues im just surviving in the litteral sense and the game sense. once you got handcuffs on for serten things life doesnt get easyer.

The only thing ive been able to do is discord with people who have qeustions but we are also heading into a new update so the whole system gone change and new research is gone be needed

Only thing i can say is that update 2.0 and few updates afther that made the game very static to the point of bad and boring so i hope the new update that comes is gone change things.

Anyways hopefully i can get out my privat situation RL and get oppertunitys again to restart my life.
My lawyer is working on it — i call it open cage syndrom —

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Would have definitely invited you to a discord chat session… except I can’t even force myself to connect into the game and use my BP lighters…

Guess I’ll do that shit quickly… the fucking chore.


there is 2 players that stream right now,but are on pc…
on twitch

I checked out this guy for a few matches.
All he was doing is sub 6k seal clubbing.

IMO This is the kind of guy we don’t need as a streamer for XO.

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ya but wasn’t very good :crazy_face:
i wanted to play 7k with them,but it’s a sunday 5k thing,nanuuk_zappa told me…
thats what streamers do…to each there own,its what people like…
you need to learn that rough monkey :kissing_heart:

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Oh, I have nothing to learn in this respect.

I already know many people in this game are no skill seal clubbers and i completely understand because the grind is brutal.

Easy resources are hard to turn down. People are a product of the system the dev team made.

That is why the Low PS guys get bent over match maker PS spreads and PS increases to items. Without their advantages it is obvious their skill level goes down.

To each his own.

I’d stream, and am set up to do it, but my gaming sessions are constantly interrupted (family of 6, and they take top priority). So, watching me play wouldn’t be much fun. Plus, I only play seriously when the family won’t interrupt, which just became exceedingly rare with all the kids out of school.

My kids love doing this… I don’t get it.

On the other hand, a huge number of people tune in to watch people play sports on TV they could be playing in their front yards. I don’t do that, either. :man_shrugging:

I suppose there’s a fascination in watching someone do something exceptionally well. That I do get, and if that’s what spectators are doing, I suppose that makes sense.

Yeah, I tried watching Chrisiege, but wasn’t impressed, & the moronic sounding vulgarity laced into the stream makes it so I enjoy it even less, and can’t watch it with my kids around. Plus, he’s not playing the game exceptionally well. :laughing:

Cussing was cool when I was 12. I find it more than pathetic to hear grown men doing it to “sound cool” or whatever they’re attempting. Adult men cussing to be cool makes them come across as immature or absolutely too stupid for me to associate with. Granted, I cuss, but out of anger/pain/temper/whatever, and regret it afterwards… not to sound like a muthafvckin bad@ss. :roll_eyes:

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i was just throwing out there…options are for everyone… :crazy_face:


I may try out watching the other streamer if I get very very bored :upside_down_face: :laughing:. Thx for sharing them. I didn’t mean to poopoo the post.


I’ll be streaming tomorrow starting around 1PM Central US Time

It’ll be PvP, and anyone who joins can select the build i play from my lineup if you like. Ive got PS ranges from 2499 all the way to 18k. Aggressive gameplay always.

Search dhawk216 on twitch to find me. Ill come back and post a link here when i go live as well.


Quite simple. Maybe you’re in a position where you cant play but want to watch. Now where’s that clown emoji at?

There are a few good entertaining streamers on Twitch. I mainly watch Chrisiege and High_potential.

I would still do something different, hmmm like maybe go to work.


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:crazy_face: you can’t call this forum ‘work’

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Good thing I can do this and run a company.

Highly effective people can multi-task

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ya i’d hire you to waste all your time 24/7 in a useless forum about a video game no one cares about and having the impulse to comment on every topic and telling other people to go get a job :crazy_face:

just saying,sounds like your hiding something,like not having a real life…sorry but no one here has committed this much dedication to a ghost forum ever… :rofl: :kissing_heart:

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It’s the universal truth of capitalism. My higher-ups were so bored doing nothing earning 5k/months, they’d spam the shit out of your mail with garbage useless stuff during their working hours, expecting you to do that shit on your free time. Lmao yes sure, bro. The only times I saw them work on the terrain, they took a day to do something we’d do in an hour. Sure bro, you studied and worked hard to get there, I belieb u :nerd_face:

“working hard” in today’s society usually means getting your parents to pay you 5 years of 15k/year marketing/business school lol. I met one of those dude, he tried to con me into making his english entrance exam online for him because he was a complete dunce. Dude legit had the level of the average 10yo in english, I was scandalized. I also heard him coerce his friends into giving him free rides and food, that was wild af.

Edit: Not saying it’s Monkey’s case. He’s older, you could still make money in his time without showing papers proving your parents are from the dominant class. I know people his age who bought a f*cking house with a 20 years cred, alone, just from regular work. Nowadays couples can barely do it with 40 years credits (^%