Appreciating the XO Details

Every once in a while, I’m impressed with the level of detail and thought that goes into the parts in the game. Feel free to add screenshots of interesting little details you find.

I’m going to start with a few wheels…

This is the starter wheel. Everyone has it. Notice the TIRE D embossed on the sidewall? The detail of the valve stem & cap? If they did this with the starter tire…
z Starter Wheel

Landing Gear… ever notice the printed text on the side? Good Day … tires… limited series… mamas favorite… Notice how the rim is dented around the edges. The painted on “beauty rim…” The company I work for does this, and here it is in the game. Details easily missed.

Last one until the next post…

Twin wheels have some humor on them… “Double Trouble” I also like how they aged the rubber on all of them. Notice the yellow & black hazard stripes inside the rim?


The King Minelayer is pretty clever…

On the top of the back, we see a simple hinge, so the top of it is some sort of opening door - presumably so you can reload it with mines. You can also see an electric motor & wiring exposed in the bottom.
z king 2
On the opposite side, you see little latches to hold that top compartment closed. I mean… they didn’t have to include those details, but they’re here. I also like the partial welds all over it. This wasn’t built in a high quality manufacturing facility. Someone built this in the wastelands!
z king

And you know you love seeing the next mine locked & loaded…
z king 3


I love seeing the spent shell casings flying out, and really love how fast cars can do burnouts now.
Squealing tires are so satisfying on a fast car.


Inside of the avalanche they designed mechanics and theres shells and a loader for them in there. A fully hidden bit of detail most people wont notice is ever there.

The catalina cab is pretty beautiful with its fully visible interior.

Junkbows and the like fires nuts and bolts. No bullets. They just fire scrap.


I have the kami… never use it. But, it might be my favorite design.

Hole in the front fender for the now missing turn signal (the pic below is a US market one w/o the turn signal at all. Other markets had them right where the hole is)
hole where the sideview mirror was…
exhaust coming out the top of the back…
license plate tag mount…

What was this before XO? A Toyota MR2?

The Mr. Too.
z kami MR 2

I love that there’s a laptop in there, and the gauges are awesome. The fact that they took the time to detail what’s on the screen and gauges is fantastic. I also like how the little sliding window in the side window has been replaced with a piece of metal. I guess the original piece got broke out along the way.

Notice how the bolt on gauges on the dash have a red, yellow and blue cable coming out of them… then the cables reappear leading to the laptop.

Also… rivets holding the plexiglass/lexan windshield in place… :ok_hand:

An added bonus is how when you do this in dusty areas, there’s a little swirl of dust around the wheels. Being raised in an area with lots of dirt roads, I love seeing that.

Oh, and the shell casings match the weapon… Retchers have huge casings, shotguns have actual shotgun casings etc… nice attention to detail.

Maybe if I get bored enough I’ll screen record this & stuff like it. Pretty freaking cool.

I don’t have the catalina, but you saying that made me think of the kami.

I forgot about that… it has a huge shell casing.

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