Arbiters nerf again is joke?

Arbiters have now only 5% damage are you mad devs? Arbiters should have 15% minimum. Really hate this destroying good gun only for PVP.

you mean in the upgrade?

arbiters are a minigun that have a very high fire rate. they are useless on their own but when combined with other arbiters they can output alot of damage. giving them a 15% damage boost is far to much imo. while we dont have a co-driver that directly boosts damage from machine guns / miniguns yet im sure we will in the future.

In old settings have 35% and that nerf from 35% to 5% is very disadvantageous for example against retchers which was 2x more stronger from past. It looks devs disadvantage normal players against donators which using retchers in raids for quick mining materials because their damage compare 2x quicker and bigger against machine guns or canoons and you can see the retchers bots are incredible slayers on 1-2 shots they can destroy 1500 armour poinst of build and destroy players weapons on 1 shot from retchers than before the player even registers where to shoot. Arbiters should have half of old damage and retchers and scorpions should be nerfed. Yes I am that one of veteran player who stands at begun of game and when I see that evolve I am really dissapointed. The content is better but stats of weapons are really unbalanced.

the problem with retcher bots is they dont miss. they have the perfect AI targeting which makes them incredibly broken. imo bots should NOT EVER have retchers.

scorpions on bosses are absolutely broken. i dont know if it was changed now but a boss could 2 shot me with 2 scorpions. the shot goes through my entire build which is why i have my explosives on the bottom of my build, because i do not want to get 1 shotted. but i have noticed difficulty spikes in raids at times to forcing you to take a death then getting easier as you revive. it makes no sense to me.

35?? how long ago was that? i never seen the damage bonus go that high on an upgraded arbiter.

the thing is though is retchers are very frail. while they do alot of damage they cant take much damage. its why you need to pay attention to your map and the enemies around you. anytime i see a retcher bot i ALWAYS aim for the weapons and try shooting them off before they can damage me. sometimes they take 1 or 2 of my guns even with 3 arbiters and an aurora.
i always said though that retchers are very broken, and while yes they have their disadvantages, if they close the distance and manage to target you then theres really no hope for you. in raids i often see people run retchers because they score very high up there with porcs. i used to run retchers in raids, i wasnt to good with them but i can tell you that they do deal ALOT of damage especially if you can hit someone at a distance. even up close they are stupidly deadly.

Durability of retchers are bigger 256 points , arbiter 240 points and no retchers when i attacking on them needs about 15s that i can destroy them that is totaly unbalanced when they start shoot and kill me on 2 shots or on 1 shot kill all my weapons. Best way is give arbiter back damage about 15-17% damage, retchers reduce bonus of damage on 80% and normal damage on 35%, canoons 15% + damage , rockets 30% + damage. Rockets are really weak too. And if they want balance PVP it should have their own separate statuses, in old times PVP was only for fun no rewards no progress in game. But of course times change if were no rewards in PVP noone play it :smiley:

The only thing worse than your English, is your logic. In every single thread or topic you’ve posted on.

I must have read 20 different takes on things that you’ve posted, and i literally agree with 0 of them.

I keep reading your statements and they translate like this: “This gun that’s 3 times bigger than mine and can only have 1/2 as many on a build has 16 more durability. WTF BRO?”

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That really can be seen that you did not play against retchers bots. If you will you should have different opinion. :slight_smile:

We all play against retcher bots, but most of us have figured out how to deal with them.
I’m sure many of us could give you tips, but you don’t seem interested in that.


:smiley: OK I am a witness in many case how 1 retcher bot kill 4 or 6 players in team :smiley: Only relic players with scorpions or fire weapons like fire barells kill them imidiately because others they stuck on place sacrifice for these donator players which are hide back and shoot from far to fire place damage. But ok your opinion counted.

Back to Arbiters…
Match your Arbiters with an Aurora. You’ll do more damage.
The Aurora has lower range, so keep that in mind.

I thought I’d have to ditch my long-used Arbiter build, but it’s still very good.

Expect any faction craftable legendary that is offered fused during a battlepass to get nerfed to shit over the course of a year. I will be selling my tsunamis because of this.

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That’s the basic introduce/nerf/buff/nerf/buff cycle, though… nothing new, and certainly not unique to XO.