Are millers not machine guns?

Miller seems to not count towards machine gun challenges, though its labeled as machine gun?

They make mistakes occasionally, so I went and tried to finish off my Machine-gun Challenge with the Miller. It worked for me. Maybe you’re doing Patrols and those don’t count towards “Missions?” IDK. I did a wires mission and it worked…I was lucky and a borer META was on our team, so it was easy. I mostly just watched with everybody else as it devoured the enemy team for us.

Miller is a minigun, so it qualifies for the daily MG/laser/minigun challenge. However, some BP challenges are more specific, so only MGs count, while lasers and miniguns do not count.

I mean specifically seasonal challenge - it did not count - it doesnt even list miller (as it shows allowed weapons if oyu hover the challenge, at least on PC), but I didnt check if it works for daylies. And - Patrols DO count towards missions, all other challenges can be done in patrol.

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I see. The Daily Challenge is what I completed with them. I didn’t check the others, so I guess we’ve got all the bases covered now, ya?