Are scorpions weaker now?

I had a guy shot me like 6-7 times earlier today and I just shrugged it off and kept fighting.

Maybe it was just a bad shot, I’m not sure, but they don’t feel any more powerful when getting hit by one with the new features.

I’ll have to play more to get a better opinion.

Yes. They are weak. So is Typhoon. Kaiju, fused Mastodons, Heathers, Mandrakes and Halicons are the only ranged weapons that really hurt. The hover nerfs have hit range hard.

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Hmmm, might need to dust these things off for a few rounds.

I bet they end up buffing scorpions if they’re as weak as you guys say. It sounds like they were OP on the initial test server and got overly nerfed out of caution.

I’m not sure they will need a buff.

They are still good, but I think many people thought they where going to be broken OP and they are not.

And to be fair, I was on a giant spider. It takes a lot of scorp shots to kill that thing.

Some people made it sound like they would be busting frames again. Which is not the case.

I wonder how they perform against hover now? Anyone actually playing scorpions?

Scorpions degun as good as ever, but don’t seem to do much besides that. This morning my ordinary Beholder hover got hit with a lot of Scorp shots with no consequences so far.


Scrops are strong. They do their max damage to a single part, pierce it and do 20% to the next part. If the next part absorbs the max damage, they oierce and do 20% to the next part.

If the first part it hits has half the HP of the scorp round, the scorp round continues with 50% damage.

The Scorp round can now no longer pierce a cabin whatsoever. Meaning you could stack a vertical apollo directly behind the thinnest cab, the Master, and never will the Scorp hit the generator through the cabin.

Overall, Scorps are stronger. The cabin nonpiercing is the only drawback to where they were before. Basically the Scorp round is going to do slightly more damage than its base damage every single time, except when hitting the cabin. This would make it extremely weak against a Bastion or high durability builds with omamori on the cabin. However, it shreds through the old honeycomb style spaced armor.

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