Are these new badge exchange crates random?

I only wants the mace but I would like to know before hand. If it’s random ill just sell it but if I can pick and choose ill open it.

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i think it’s random…

I needs to be sure, be nothing worst than opening this up and getting a chameleon which I already got the upgraded version.


It’s random - I have opened 2 of them already


last time i opened one it was random .
better off buying it on the market,but wait for ‘event to upgrade stuff’


Ok ill sell it. I seen the word “may” in the description and thought it was random. Thanks for the answer


its random. they dont give you the option to choose one. which… i dont know why. its really pointless now to get any weapon crates because its just a gamble on what you get.

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Some of the creates have more valuable parts.
I do understand why someone would not want to gamble, but I did luck out on opening 2 crates and both the items I got were worth a few hundred more then the crate.

Some of the crates have items that are worth half as much as the crate. So it is a major gamble for sure.

I guess I’ll keep opening crates until I get a bad one and it pisses me off :slight_smile: lol - which is pretty good odds on my next one.

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i smell loot boxes… :unamused:


At least you have the option to not take them.

yeah and its not EA running this game (thank god…) otherwise we would be in for a ton of lootboxes and everything would have microtransactions. oh and cost the full price of a retail game!

Normally I hate gambling aspects of games, but I kind of enjoy opening random crates and seeing what I get.
I used to feel differently when I didn’t have much gear, but now I have enough stuff that the crates just feel like happy surprises, no matter what’s inside.

Sometimes they lead me to try items I wouldn’t have bought, and I’m often surprised at how much I enjoy them.

I agree with this for the most part.

Until you get a Pyre or something like that (which on Xbox is worthless - I assume on other platforms it is low as well?)

I’d even be ok with that, as I’ve never owned pyres, and that would provoke me into giving them a try.

I’ll try anything once, as long as no one is getting hurt.