No, I’m not looking for debates.
Last week I picked up a third Argument to go with the two I had from that BP, and I’m curious is anyone else has played them recently. I feel like I only ever see them on bots.

They seem to have a different feel and use than Sumattors, but I haven’t played those forever.
Am I right in thinking that the single shot mode can actually do more DPS (if you are hitting your target)?
I’ve been mostly using the charged shots out of habit, but noticed that the big spread makes that mode not very useful beyond mid-range.

Anyone have any Argument advice? Am I right in assuming reload boosters work on them?

Hadron works well with them and the reload boosters work. Just hitting the enemy will get you the reload boost but hitting with more charged shots will quicken the charging time.

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Good to know about charged shots boosting reload more.
I’ve been using them in a bit of a modified hit-and-run style: hit them with a big charged shot while doing a drive-by, and then switch to rapid fire single shots to finish off removing their guns. Sounds like that first charged shot is helping this approach (sometimes I’ll do a few drive-by charged shots before switching to DPS mode)

I’ve played a lot of arguments, was running three of them back in the first ever ravager Christmas event usually, and then at some point picked up a fourth one by manually matching the fusion to the three that came from the original pass ages ago

I’ve got a build in the pc exhibition with 4 args and a hardon cabin, Nail Nerd or something if I remember right, it’s been my go-to build for a while now. All in al, the guns can do pretty well and pretty bad, they’re nothing meta by any means but a fairly ok gun imo, even if their performance is not something like insert guaranteed wins i think it’s a good gun.

These things can also have surprisingly long range once you get the hang of aiming them from a long way. Only real advice I have is to half or almost fully charge them most of the time, to get the perk going, the next shot will be maximum loaded in the same time it took to almost full charge the first shot. Another useful habit with them is to instantly follow a charged shot with a singular shot if you’re trying to take cover or hit an enemy who is running for cover.

Not much comes to mind, there really is no way to make them perform anywhere beyond the usual for them, there’s no real super efficient secret strategy with them. I personally prefer using charged shots rather than spamming the single shot, and most of the times my charged shots are not fully charged, because they game is so fast paced these days

Jay is a very good codriver for these

Good idea to use Jay, thanks!

Sounds like I’m using them similarly. I was wondering if there was some way of using the single shot more efficiently, but so far the only time it really comes in handy is degunning an enemy that has cornered me.

They feel a bit like Parsers, except with more range and less damage.

I wonder if they might work well with the Whaler cabin? Feels like they already have a lot of impulse. I was disappointed that cabin doesn’t really work with Toadfishes (they don’t generate enough recoil to charge the perk).

Having fired many fully loaded shots at face hugging distance I can safely say that they don’t have much impulse at all

Can’t test it out though because I am not taking part in this battle pass so I don’t have the parts

Also I from time to time run into server lagginess with these guns the same as parsers, where when I am trying to do the single click shot rhythmically, random lag spike happens and game things I am trying to charge the gun and it tries to charge it instead of repeated firing but then doesn’t fire because you’re not trying to charge and soft locks you into the trying to charge a shot-state until you stop touching the firing button at all for a few seconds, that also makes me use the mostly charged shots usually

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