Argus Upgrades

I just started using this module and was wondering what experienced users would recommend when upgrading this thing.

I just rolled dura, reloading, and drone durability.

Im guessing drone active time would be the most valuable asset to have in this module due to its short active time and from the internet comments ive read so far but i could be wrong. What would you say?


also interested in the answers.


dont use argus

Depends on your playstyle, if you have enough mobility to disengage from fights go for recharge time. If you are slower go for active time.

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Yeah im finding that with the -17% reloading time perk i rolled and the cheetah engine perk, that it spits out new bots at a decent rate. I think im gonna stick with the stats i rolled for a bit.


Reloading > active time for Argus. You got the better fuse.

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