Armoured Tracks Walking on Butter

I like to build and drive a “tank” with two armored tracks. In the past, it has performed very well. No matter what the weapons and cockpit are, at least the caterpillar works very well.

But since this scary update, I can no longer drive tanks like I used to. It’s very slippery, very slippery. Whenever I step on the brake, I slide forward for a distance. Especially in the sand, it even looks like skiing. When I walk on rocks and concrete, I have to be very careful and keep away from the bumps, steps and steep slopes on the ground, because my “tank” may turn in situ, or even slide to the next layer, resulting in rollover.

I don’t think I’m driving a tracked tank, but a butter box now.

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It’s okay I just covered your tracks in butter! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

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Add a wheel?

Are you running a light cabin on your tanks? From what I understand, mass has a larger impact on traction now for tracks, so if your build isn’t super heavy it’s going to skid more.
Sand maps seem extra slippery now, which is more realistic than previously, but is going to take some time to adjust to. I keep accidentally slamming into my allies when I’m playing fast wheeled builds on sand.
I’ve only tried the tank tracks since the update, and they felt great to me. But it was a heavy build, so that might be why I didn’t have your issues.