Arothron price surge

What is going on with Arothrons?
Saw the price climbing a week or two ago, so sold three at a huge profit. Checked today and they’ve now the most expensive epic on PS4!
3449.98 asking price right now!

Now I am one of the few that actually like this gun, but it’s definitely not worth anything close to that, and I’m not seeing people playing it in-game.
Is someone trying to manipulate the market with a weapon no one uses? And if so, how do they profit from driving up the price? Or is it a way to sneakily transfer coins between accounts?


this on PC,for reference between console and PC.

That still seems high, but I’m not sure what PC prices are usually like. Definitely a lot more than I bought mine for.

Buy on pc sell it on PS4.
the only epic item that expensive on PC is the Catalina cab.
But i don’t fancy either .
I just noticed Muds screenshot, 963.44 coins and the profit is -74.96 coins… someone drunk a bit too much champagne this Christmas or new years eve.

Some dude sitting on a pile of coins is dinking around by buying all the arothrons and putting them on sale for high. U can always put in a buy order for one then start selling arothrons for reasonable prices to spite their market abuse if u want.

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I just wish I’d waited to sell mine. Oh well, I still managed to quadruple my original investment, but I could have doubled that profit if I had waited a week.