Articulating Tracks?

These tracks appear to have steering? Would that be something Crossout Tank fans would like to help improve the viability of tank builds?

I’m looking for an inspiring tank concept for my New Year’s Tank Project, and this image came up while searching about. I thought you guys might find the idea interesting.

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That’d be a cool cabin too

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I keep saying the next step for Crossout should be “suspension” modules that go between the frame and movement parts. Something like this idea could fit into that concept.

they already did this in an update ,it’s built in to ur movement part.

I meant suspension upgrade modules.

Adjustable ride height could be one, steering for non-steering parts could be another, increased cornering ability, etc.

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Lift kits would be cool. I like to celebrate the Ravens events with jacked up builds, but I have to fake it to get’r done. Lift kits would give me a little more build freedom.


Exactly the kind of thing I’m thinking of. You could also use it for tilted builds that only use one type of wheel.
Could also be a way to add a rotating chassis to the game.

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That’s a dmnd good idea, Poony4U.

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Would be nice for Stallion style pneumatics for other wheels. Maybe allow us to hop high enough that you could use it as a combat technique?

Currently, I use the pneumatics on Stallions to change directions rapidly. In a world populated with so many omnidirectional movement parts, it’s pretty handy. I would be slightly bummed if that was cancelled…but, if they let you use the car-jack that way, I could dig that. The farm bots often evade my charging assaults by conveniently hopping into the air with it when they get flipped over, narrowly escaping my aggression, so I know it could work.

this thing has 60% resistance to everything minus energy.
it also gives +5 to slowness and has an ability to boost track speed by 20! even though it can only do 45 it will have a mass of 40k and comes with a fusion perk of reducing the cabin mass as is for more armor!

lol in all seriousness though i do like those tracks it has. though those things are WIDE. :face_with_peeking_eye: