Ask about game suggestion's

Hi, I wanted to ask what about gratitude for giving suggestions for the game, because over a year ago or more I gave suggestions as an event to reverse the merger and allow it to the market for given raw materials (when I proposed it was not stabilizers) as a person who likes to give good ideas that would please many people and which encourages others to play, It would be very nice to get a greeting message after logging into the game and a profile sticker or banner as a token of gratitude.
Nick Taiiger

Allow me to tell you how Suggestions work.
Everyone and their mother makes suggestions.
The devs tally up what suggestions are similar to each other.
When the tally of a particular suggestion reaches a certain level, the devs begin work on the suggestion, then, release it.
So, as much as i would love to say that one persons suggestion can change the game, really, your suggestion was one of hundreds that all added up to make this happen.

You’re not getting a sticker for it.

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Thanks nice to know how it works