At Gunpoint and Dronepocalypse Reward Haul

In at Gunpoint, I got 4 reward crates. The first 3 were disappointing resources, and the fourth was the inflatable Icarus. I was hoping for the paints, the Express horn and the inflatable Icarus.

In the Dronepocalypse, I got the first crate and got a wolf sticker. I am hoping for that new checker paint. I know many people who have been waiting years to get their own Comedian horn. Now, they have a chance, but there is no guarantee they will get it.

The total list of big rewards in these two events:

At Gunpoint:
Inflatable Icarus
Drone hologram
Purple Pixel paint
metallic purple paint
There was a third paint but I forgot what it was.

Ha Ha Ha hologram (This is my favorite holo)
Comedian horn (This flatulence horn is one of the most sought after horns in Crossout)
Drone mount decor
New grey checker paint
Another paint I can’t remember (Edited to add Its a new green paint)

I have the Ha Ha Ha hologram and the Comedian horn from two years ago. These are excellent troll gear but I prefer the Vuvuzela as my signature horn. The new checker paint would be an excellent addition to my collection and is worth playing for. Also, Dronepocalypse is really fun.

What have y’all got from the crates and what are you hoping for?

I got resources, 1 bunny sticker, 1 inflatable icarus, purple metallic and a drone hologram (now I have 3 of them)

Out of the drone one I got a laughter hologram so now I have 2 of them

What I would have wanted to get from the gunpoint crates were the purple paint (not metallic) and the concrete jungle? paint (gray pixel camo)

What i want to get from the drone crates is a clownduck

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I pulled laughter holo this morning so now I have two of them as well.

That grey camo paint in the At Gunpoint brawl is sharp and might be my highest priority in these brawls.

Ladies and Gentlemen
I got him


Nice! I pulled the Snowflake pattern paint today. It isn’t actually checkered.

After the duck all I got was resources, which sucks

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I got a wolf sticker which might be cool on a firedog.

So far the only decor I have received is the purple metallic paint and a bear sticker.
Oh well, maybe I will get lucky again with this new lottery event.

Today’s crate was the Comedian’s horn. I already have it. I wish you could fuse this for extra volume.

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I now have the better purple metallic paint (violet pixel)
Happiness day

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From the last bunch of drone crates I only got resources and another wold sticker, but also the snowflake paint. It’s not the greatest thing ever but it’s rally interesting

Now to wait and see if the extra laughter and imaginary friend holograms could be put into use someday, could be cool to have more than 2 holos per car. The things worth mentioning I got from this event were the Clown duck, the snowflake paint, another drone bobblehead so I have 3 and the snowflake paint

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