At this stage it s not clubbing adead horse , it s clubbing a dead game


are the devs actively trying to sabotage the game?
if not such a level of incompetence has been properly rewarded:
(to all my beloved mouthbreathers , i know steamcharts is not all the playerbase but at least it s an indicator of what is going on)

PS : if steam charts are like this due to a non player - driven factor thanks for giving additional information.

I think removing the fuel requirement from PVE raids would help stop the bleed of casual players. The fuel can be repurposed for some other new use. The raids can be renamed strikes or missions; and long form actual raid modes can be added for the use of fuel. Getting forced to be slaughtered over and over by meta spamming Clan sweats in PvP in order to play grindy PvE is enough to make any casual player leave.

I would also like a crown armory to buy untraidable non relic parts for a flat crown price.
I think the ability to bypass the inflated, grind causing player driven market would also stop the bleed of casuals from the game.

I tried suggesting that they could have smaller versions of raids triggered in the awakening zone for fuel. i.e at x level you gain access to y awakening raid. I’d happily part with some of my few to hang out with new players in there and trigger events for them.

Only issue is, this is the definition of P2W. You cannot earn Crosscrowns, they must be purchased.

Inflatable icarus? where did that come from? didn’t know it existed. I say that will be worth less than the inflatable scorpion given enough time. People only uses the inflatable decor as armour for the most part hence why inflatable mammoth is so popular, They should of made the inflatable goliath track instead. Only use i sees for this is for hover builds with low amount of hovers trying to hide the real hovers among the fake ones, who knows that might become a thing at mid powerscore.

agreed i dislike having to pay fuel for raids but theres another issue to… most of the raids i like to play arent active alot of the time. because of the system now where they have 2 of the same raid per level of difficulty its hard to come across the raid you want. fuel prices went waaaaay down which is good for me cause i bout about 17k fuel, but i havent even touched that fuel in several months due to the raids not showing the ones i do the most, in fact its rare when i do see them. hell i have alot less plastic now then before due to this. i doubt many people even play leviathan raids either cause my levi never gets anything.

this is why i only play pve, i cant stand pvp at all. the fact they nerfed so many weapons to just makes me not want to play it. i tried running fuzes and they were so disappointingly bad that i couldnt even take it seriously. the cabin that gives them a boost didnt even help much. i just hate pvp in general.

would be fun but the devs dont care. adventure is a dead mode sadly. as much as i wish theyd do more with it its not the case.

Decor on console only? I dunno.