Atitlan Co-driver REDUCING damage of Porcupine and Incinerator

I noticed recently that my Incinerators were doing very low damage in raids and missions, and occasionally my Porcupines were also dealing low damage. I tested them out in the garage and it seems that when the Atitlan co-driver’s talent is activated, the damage of Incinerator and Porcupine is reduced by a significant amount (between 60 and 90% based on my tests). I do not know if the same issue is found with Mandrakes or Heathers, however the talent does work as intended for rockets, as my Pyralids and Waltzes get a solid damage increase when Atitlan’s talent is active, but it is very obvious that there is an issue with the Co-driver for Incinerators and Porcs as the damage is reduced every time the talent activates. I submitted a report on the Gaijin community almost 2 weeks ago and have not received ay feedback. Hoping it gets more traction here. I dropped my game logs and some screenshots at the Gaijin link below.

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don t worry , it will be fixed as soon as rise of the machines is over.
not that they give the faintest shit about your feedback , but it made fire weapons really strong for this game mode with Atitlan further boosting their efficiency , hence they got ninja nerfed.
it s a real unfortunate coincidence that this happened right at the start of the event of course …
but don t worry , Atitlan is full of other new hidden features, you will see that soon in videos.

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yes thanks for heads up ,i use jay co driver for now,i tried all the others,jay is best for now
heres a screen shot of Atitlan /without perk/with perk.

Game is running at peak stupidity. When will it end?

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when you going to fix this? still waiting! :worried:

nice,it’s in the update.
Fixed a bug where the talent of the co-driver “Atitlan” reduced the damage of fire puddles, rather than increasing it.


lol I love Chaplin… Do they even need to put it back? I’m still getting MVPs with Incins. Are they not doing enough dmg?

I know your a little off sometimes but why do you even think that’s an insult? lol

Mud you’re a sad little dude… What are you going to do if they actually fixed it and it now is working correctly and all previous calculations were in error?

I do really have a cute incin build too but I don’t think you’d be able to drive it very well from what your telling me here…