It seems Atitlan is not usable with most weapons of rocket type - Snowfall oder Wasp or similar, as “4 direct hits with multiple rockets” takes a lot of time and you usually have only 7-10 shots per mission. And after activation you can make 1 shot or 2 if you are very lucky.
It seems the perk is meant for specific weapon?

You have to set them to separate triggers if you want to speed up charging the perk.

Just tested - doesnt work.

Um what? 7-10shots per mission? Dude… Use ammo packs…

But yes those rockets launchers only fire two rockets per shot. So they will not work great with the perk. Also if you fire rockets launchers on different triggers the perk loads faster.

It works give yourself like a half second between each trigger pull.

There seems to be a time requirement - if I fire them form different triggers at same time I still only get 1 charge. Until first salvo is over, second charge will not begin to count.

Also - Ammo packs on light fast builds are bad Idea. I am driving 2 snowfalls on Harpy - Ammopack would make it literlly 1-hit for most canon builds.

I usually dont have the half-a-second. Also - snowfalls are b-ch to aim, having the 2 out of sync is almost impossible to use :frowning:

You don’t fire them at the same time. You fire them at different times. That’s what the separate triggers are for.

But I feel ya. It takes about four waltz shots for me to load the perk. And I won’t use them on separate triggers because I scope in with my waltzes.

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On snowfalls on harpy? Its a hit-and-run, do the damage and GTFO - how am I supposed to survive otherwise? Even with flywheel reload time is enough to circle half the map :frowning:

It’s kind of sad that they must have gone out of their way coding it to mess it up for so many missile based weapons.

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By the way - did anyone notice the need to generate FOUR charges for atitlan to activate is not mentioned in the description?

Yeah. None of the descriptions are very good, so I’m not surprised.

Is it a gradual activation with each charge like some other perks? Or is it an all-or-nothing deal?
It’s one of the few I haven’t unlocked yet, and I’m still deciding which one I need more.

It’s all or nothing. It would be debatable if it was a bit better if it was gradual per charge as the perk is for 10% dmg and 33% blast radius. The bigger issue at the moment seems to be how it treats quantities of weapons in a salvo which slows the charging down.

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Also - Ammo packs on light fast builds are bad Idea. I am driving 2 snowfalls on Harpy - Ammopack would make it literlly 1-hit for most canon builds.

You need to examine your builds then. I have a Harpy Snowfall build with ammo and it never gets oneshot.

As for Atitlan with them, it might charge slowly with Snowfalls, but for me this is no problem. I simply charge the perk and when it’s ready I try to use it on a stronger target.

I used to play some harpy snowfall builds, and never had problems with ammo packs blowing up. Are you using the small pack or the big one? The small one blows up more easily, but is also easier to hide. Unfortunately, hiding it doesn’t protect it from fire puddles, which is why I never use the small one anymore unless I’m playing low PS.
I like having lots of ammo with snowfalls, as it allows me to spam a lot of longer distance shots over hills and cover, and not worry that I’m wasting ammo before I get close enough for more accurate attacks.

I keep getting the feeling that this co-driver even though it’s labeled as a Firestarter’s one is actually designed with retchers in mind. Has anyone tried it with them?

@67834135 There use to be an old trick for mounting ammo packs where you’d only let it touch one part on the build. This made it so if that part was shot off the ammo pack would fall away with the part rather than exploding. It still works you might try that if your having problems mounting them. It takes a little extra space though.

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