Atom's vs omnis

Is there any advantage that the atom’s got over omni’s besides tonnage, durability and plus option to mount of front of the frame?. I bought 4 of them, tried them out and only thing better about them that I noticed is that the atom got just slightly ever so slightly better handling over the omnis and I’m not even entirely sure about that much.

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I have a set of 8 Atoms. I don’t like them better than Omnis. I think Atoms are desirable for medium speed medium builds such as Nova, Hadron and Spider. Otherwise, on light cabs, Omnis are far better. Get a Golden Eagle, 4-6 Omnis and go racing around.

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I got 8 upgraded omnis and I don’t even use them all that often. I got a build that I uses them with the avalanche from time to time but most other wheel builds I use either hermits or balloon tires when playin low ps.

Their perk. And their look. That’s all.

Another point about the Atom:

The only time I have seen these in use is as a tonnage buff for Gerrida spiders. A lot of Gerridas can be seen with an Atom or two sticking out of the back. I don’t think I’ve actually seen an Atom build other than what I run. They are not bad movement parts but they are not popular at this point.


The only success I have had with them is using them as frontal armor on a spider. Omni wheels in general are lacking at higher PS imo.

I really just use the atoms on fun builds in bedlam or pve, never used omnis yet…




I think I sold my Omnis to buy the Atoms, so for me, I guess the Atoms won. I wasn’t using the Omni wheels for anything ever, to I figured WTF, and I think I like the Atoms better, as far as omnidirectional movement parts go, but that’s probably mostly because I like the aesthetic more.

The Omni wheels are probably better though, because of the speed you can get out of them with the Golden Eagle, like DarthStall says. I had a set-up like that before I sold’em. It was fast.

I think the real question should be “Atoms vs Hovers.”

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Never sell anything that might be buffed in the future!


I didn’t know if there were some hidden stats that I should be aware of. The negligible extra durability over omnis is not worth it considering the weight increase and I don’t find omnis get shot up that much anyways considering it is easy to box in/armor up regardless. It is a cool looking movement part but can’t come up with one solid reason to choose this over omnis.

If no one can’t come up with a good reason to use it I’m just gonna avoid it until it gets buffed. Realistically I don’t see how this can get buffed really even if it did match the stats of omnis then omnis would probably still be superior just because the omnis perk is that good with the spread reduction.

If you don’t need the 33% aim perk from the omni the atom’s recharging damage soak is kind of worth it.

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Atoms are the heavy cabs of the omni wheel world