*attention..clan confrontation needs to have 2 choices to play 🤗

1 for beginners and the 2nd for advanced players

'what i’m saying is most beginners only have up to teal,unless they pay real money…
so…confront 1 will be limited to…


and confron 2 will be limited to…

either way’‘this game has to have a choice on what you have and can play,not being stuck facing what you don’t have and losing all the time’ :thinking:

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I think just splitting it into two PS ranges would work fine: 4-6k and 7-9k it would just tighten up the matches a little.

If they do that then would they also make the lesser version worth less points?

Or why play 9k?

I think it would just be player choice if it came to picking between the two. Not sure about points as it’s still the same basic format at least in my suggestion.

What they do with the points don’t mater to me really. But if they did it I can see the devs lowering the scrap and point rewards for the easier mode.

Limiting the rarity of items you can bring into this mode is a hard “No” for me though. That wouldn’t be CW training.

I’m not really convicted that ps by itself is really a good indicator of difficulty. You’re still pretty much going to run into whatever is meta for the range.

They will never break up play based on rarity unless they can figure out a fiscal reason to do so.

So long as Relics cost more than Legendaries & Legendaries cost more than Epics, there’ll never be a division. The goal is to make you buy more expensive stuff. Pitting your Epics against someone else’s Legendaries in a perceived “fair fight” based on PS is how they motivate you to spend money to get those Legendaries that just kicked your arse.

The new Confrontation mode is tailor made to remind anyone who was having fun at 9k & playing almost for free that they’re not welcome to play for free. Pay up or lose.

There’s another term for “pay up or lose,” but it slips my mind at the moment.

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