Attention! Instant production of parts on all factional workbenches!last from July 26,July 29

this should be all the time..why wait when your trying to get players to play and enjoy the game…
just like switching factions.that we don’t have to wait anymore…

Instant production of parts on all factional workbenches!

Hello, survivors!

From July 26, 05:00 GMT, to July 29, 05:00 GMT, the production of all parts on factional workbenches will be instant. The desired part will be crafted immediately after the start of production, and you just have to pick it up from the workbench.

The special is valid for all platforms: PC, PlayStation® and Xbox.

Attention! The special will last from July 26, 05:00 GMT, until July 29, 05:00 GMT!

Why do you think it’s in place? It’s there to be a coin sink. The crafting time is there to temp the players with instant gratification.

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now thats funny…pfft it’s a Game where everyone want gratification…that’s why people play games… :rofl:

You got me there.

Edit: While you are correct. Some video games have more instant gratification than others.

And that is EXACTLY why companies put these little inconveniences to make players pay up a few coins. It works


Because the “Free” part of this game everything is intentional. I guarantee they have meeting talking about how they can push people to pay money.

And good for them, that’s why they made the game.

It was not to be great guys and give everyone something for free.

As soon as any of us read the word “Free” when getting ready to install this game they should have turned around and ran as fast as they could.

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They do. Every company does. And should. They are doing it to earn money. BUT as long as they keep it within reason.

I still think Crossout has a very good ‘free’ model. I really never payed a single dollar and I have all I want. If I find something new I want, I earn it easy…
My new friend who joined a few days ago, says it’s easier to earn money and buy things here than in most games he played (including non-free).
Sure you can’t buy relics, but the game never forces you… You can choose your power score to match your taste and gear, and play within it, where you will never feel like an underdog.

There are other even better free models, like Path of Exile, that sells only cosmetics and is a huge, daily maintained game with big content updates and fabulous gigantic content and gameplay… FULLY free… You can pay only to look different and that’s all.
My outmost respect to those devs.

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this also might be a test to see if more players will craft more…kinda goes along with the factions being switchable on demand…
if they can make more money with this being instant and gain more players,it’s good for business…


Free games usually are most expensive kind.
Also - it seems barely anyone is using the crafting - Scrap price is unexpectedly stable. So I doubt lots of people started to craft full legendary sets.