Audio Controls

As it is, The audio controls are lackluster. when are we going to get seperate audio controls for the various sounds and effects? Seems to be skipped over and over in the updates. It’s an over do and easy enough request? don’t you think?

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At the very least, give us a slider for engine noise, and/or the option to play cabin engine and secondary engine sounds at the same time.


More options are always a good thing

More A.I. commenting on the forum, regurgitating actual posts in mock conversation. WTF, and why am I the only one who notices?

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I’ve noticed too, but I find it funny how bad they are.

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I think this one was better than the last one, but I have to wonder why? What is the purpose? Do they just wonder off the farm, or are they sent here? Are they just out there like zombies roaming about the internet looking for victims to have some sort of intercourse with? Am I a lab rat? Are they/them using us to teach their living-dead to breath?

The future looks like shit, and I come here to find a distraction from that, and I don’t appreciate their gddmn monsters presence here too.

Can we troll it, I wonder? You touch it first. I want to see what happens. I mean, is it looking for interaction, friends? Can we break it? Where is our resident troll?

Bring in Mupppet or Aladdin. I want to see this thing deal with their wacky assaults. I think this bot should entertain us. Our game-bots have earned their place here, this alien-bot needs to pay a toll if it’s going to dwell here, I think.

If our in-game bots, like Olivia for example, had this A.I. and could come here and talk trash with us, I think that’d be pretty cool, actually…I’m officially lobbying for that update. I want to see the Bots in game have forum accounts and proper A.I. to allow them to go on stupid rants and complain about Hovers, stupid humans who use them as meat shields, how the developers always make their explosives exposed on their builds, or whatever bots might hate about Crossout.


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Lol, I love seeing computer nerds messing with AI. The chat programs are surprisingly easy to break.

A popular tactic is to ask the chatbot how many letter Ns are in the word mayonnaise, and where they fall in the word. None of them seem to actually understand letters, and will always mess it up in amusing ways.

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