Auger Buff Please

Dual auger builds are just too sluggish when pressing multiple inputs and their steering radius is horrible. They used to have the best turning radius in the game to the point where a player could strafe in an arc tighter than any wheel builds steering arc by feathering throttle. This was a massive strength for anybody playing limited angle weapons. When pressing multiple inputs augers also just go nowhere fast at all, its almost like the input delay that legs had a long time ago, except worse because augers can’t tank like legs, they have to be nimble. Combine this acceleration nerf with trying to feather throttle to shrink a turning radius, and its literally impossible to make extremely rapid and controllable movements within a small area.
If I could define where the augers were meta, they were meta in a dual configuration at making extremely rapid controlled movements within a small area.


What are cab are you using with them with? Kind of curious.

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I use the harpy as my main cab. Since acceleration is first and foremost tied to cabin and engine speed, the ideal combo is a fast cab with a fast engine, but a harpy/colossus did the trick perfectly. Oppressor and any fast cab is ideal for augers. The lighter the better as well. If your builds center of gravity is above the top of your frames without a cabin mounted, you want a heavier cab because cabs’ center of gravity is below the frame opposed to other parts which are centered.

Seriously what the hell is this turning radius??!?!??! This is unusable for a part this slow that is this fragile.

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As I’ve said on the old forum, I agree that augers could use a buff, but I also disagree that the changes ruined them.
Turning radius might not be as tight, but reverse mode allows you to compensate for that (if you are willing to change your driving techniques).
Also, while the speedometer shows a speed decrease when adding a strafe input while driving, I suspect that is a bit of an illusion. It feels to me more like the game is reading diagonal movements like a slower forward movement.

One thing I’ve noticed is that if you strafe in the opposite direction that you are steering, it seems to allow a tighter turn by swinging the back end around as if you are drifting.

Not trying to pick a fight, just wanted to share a different perspective.

My ideal buff would be a power drain reduction, and or a weight reduction, or a tonnage increase (or all three!)

The changes have completely killed the way I have used them. Completely The augers aren’t even as responsive or as fluid as they used to be for anybody. While the changes were great for the people who want to play gigantic CW sized auger builds; the augers didn’t work right for these builds because they aren’t designed to. Each auger has two counter rotating drums with opposite thread pitches, they really are only supposed to be used with two. Targem would have fixed this by adding two new augers that split the drums into front and rear single drums. This would have fixed large auger builds entirely.
Instead targem had to go and totally ruin the builds that most ideally suited augers so that people could build auger builds into the role of a spider that is immune to kapkans. Worms as RotFish made them were viable too, they just needed minor tweaking and adjustment, not a complete and total driving rework.
These clips are totally impossible now. The movements, their speed, and their precision are completely impossible to replicate even with hovers.

Augers used to be the best movement part in the game for very fast and close range precise maneuvers, now they are another mediocre pile of shit that only has the benefit of ignoring kapkans.

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I also had to relearn how to play augers after the changes, and also had to change how I build.
I’m still having fun with them, but in a different way.
Have you tried them with a medium cabin instead of harpy? I also use harpy with augers a lot, but it’s a bit sluggish with them currently, compared with other cabins.
And have you experimented much with the width of your builds since the changes? Seems to effect things differently now.

I completely agree that they are too slow, as I said in my other post. They need a lot more acceleration from stop.

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