Augers are less stable than they should be

i have a craft built with 18 tons on augers but these small light cars are flipping me over when i grapple them there about half the weight but when i pull i go flipping over when they in physics should be the ones flipping with wheels it works like it should more weight wins but augers act like your driving on a seasaw they should be abit more stable being they have a good amount of flat area on their track

Sadly there will never be a physics engine fix.

Augers used to be much less stable, but they went through some big changes that made them more driveable, but that some players feel made them less responsive and maneuverable.
I don’t mind how they handle currently, but they either need less power drain or they need to provide more tonnage (ideally both).

Four and/or six auger builds can be very stable, but they feel far too sluggish to be competitive.

Dual auger builds can be made more stable by building wide, and using low bumpers on the front and rear to minimize rocking when changing direction.

Or do what I’ve been doing, and put some omniwheels in front to get some tilt and extra tonnage. As a bonus, combining strafe and gas gives you a huge acceleration boost in diagonal directions.