Aurora fusion stolen

I was hoping the patch would fix this.

The last mini-battlepass gave aurora with 10% Durability, 5% damage and 25% heating rate.

They were changed to 10% Durability, 5% damage and 35% reduced spool up time in inventory as part of the fusion changes. Not what we all invested coin in.

And 10% Durability, 5% damage and 25% heating rate is available in the current mini-battlepass.

Devs please fix this.

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Are you getting less dmg off of continues fire?

It was their plan all along, sadly.

There’s a lesson to learn here, regarding your money and Targem. Most of us learnt it the hard way too :pensive:

At least let them answer before sticking crap in their mouth… lol

Targem? Last time we let them answer, they blatantly lied to us while looking at us straight in the white of eyes lol.

They’ll be allowed to express themselves after giving back Chase.

The original poster you screwball…

Why do you need more info from OP lmao? The fusion he paid for was changed, just as announced by Targem. Just like lots of my fusions changed. What more info do you need?

I actually want to know what their opinion is not someone that is already imbittered with the game.

Bruh paid for a Lamborghini and got a Fiat Punto instead… Do you really need to ask him how he feels about it to have an idea? :joy:

Just for info, spinning up your miniguns manually >>> fusion for it.

I get it your a snide individual and you will try to sneak a comment in here event though it’s a really simple question that doesn’t concern you.

I’m asking the one individual how does the upgrade change the damage over time.

@Clebardman Your just a brush hanger most of the time Shoo… Shoo…

I find it hilarious that you assumed I was trying to interact with you when I was merely answering OP directly.

You need to take your pills man, you don’t seem to be doing well these days.

What a put off distraction…

The usefull perk + 25% extra part heating rate, has been exchanged for - 35% spool up rate.

It is impossible to do a comparison because the devs stole what they sold before.

So that is reduced efficiency for the upgrade. Spool up time is negligable, and if you have freeview lock on a usefull button you can have them permantly spooled up while locked and pointed at your own build and not firing, so it’s really not worth it.

The fact that the same fusion [10% Durability, 5% damage and 25% heating rate] is available as a bait for resources in the current mini-battlepass is an insult.

Buy this, then we do the trickster fraud switcheroo, and then you can buy the same thing, AGAIN.

yes omg im so pissed about that to! i had part heating rate on mine and it changed to spool up rate. then they further throw the insult of having the part heating rate on the fusion in the event, screw right off.
they couldve just changed the damn thing to damage instead of changing both perks but noooooooooooooooooo had to milk players for more money! i wasnt about to spend 700+ coins refusing it to hopefully get back the part heating.