Australia and Asia servers dead

I have been playing the game for months and have never been able to find a match in Australia or Asia (aside from Russia). Some comments say both regions have been shot around a year ago.

Are you planning to adress this?
There is a huge market in this regions and I want to keep investing in the game but playing always with 300+ping is really frustating.

If there is an infrastructure/cost thing, just open the game server so players can be host of games, I am pretty sure many of us will be happy to help grow the community doing this. Plus, even the worst host enthernet in this regions will be better that the current 370 ping with UK.

If neither of this is possible, at least fix the game searching through regions. It takes ages if you begin matchmaking in this regions. Your are losing a lot of potential players in a wealthy market that can easily invest just by hiding this issue instead of fixing it.


The Chinese publisher dropped Crossout in January, after a year or more without updates.
The Japanese publisher dropped Crossout in August.
In the summer of 2017, there was a special event inaugurating the launching of the Australian server. I have a portrait and two paints from it. Still, playing Crossout in Australia has always been very problematic.
I don’t have a solution. Does Gaijin? :upside_down_face: :hammer: