Avalanche 100% Bonus Damage to Self is Completely Unfair

Other builds will intentionally face hug your build (flamers, shotguns, MG builds, spammy builds that use frontal frames intentionally ramp on top of your build to kill your engine power…).

So now you take their damage and you do a crazy amount of damage to yourself just trying to defend yourself.

Don’t shoot and die.
Shoot and die.

Fucking stupid.


And without the self damage Avalanche would also be a part of the facehugging problem


usually people complain about weapons they use… so just one example: what about Mastodon that heatup yourself making enemy do 200% of their damage to you while you also damage yourself from explosion too?

if you keep talking like that, then at least think about other weapons. There are many weapons that kill yourself in close combat. Especially for example incinerator lol

This is made for purpose. and not just “your” weapon

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Yeah, that was the big complaint about avalanche when it was introduced: that people were using it more like a flamethrower than a cannon.
They needed to do something to discourage that, and the self damage is the most logical way.

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Yup. Imagine for example Incinerator who would not kill himself in area, just skinner + incinerator to hold you in area, easy win. Still kapkans + incinerator is big problem, but not as much. Same about porc generally.

There are many weapons balanced “self damage” way.


Ok. If there’s a “facehugging problem”, then all weapons should do 100% damage (read double) to themselves.

It is stupidly unfair.

the avalanche has 1600 durability. most other guns have way less and can be stipped easily. its a good change.

I thought this was how you SD with incinerators! I would bet I have died on my incy’s this way at least 1,000 times. Maybe more. Much more.

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Avalanche is garbage and there’s a reason why nobody bothers with it anymore. Most people just can’t use their minimap to save their lives.
“I got rekt by a point-blank Avalanche in the butt it’s so unfair” Bro if you let the opponent kiss your butt, which weapon he’s using is the very least of your problem. Oh he’s running Ava? Just be glad it wasn’t 12 Lancelots or 3 Snowfalls lmao.
Watch your minimap and stay 20 meters away, tadaaaaa, 99% Avalanche users can’t hit you anymore.

But you wanna know why Avas barely damaged themselves before and why Targem applied that change? Because Ava has absolutely pathetic blast damage lol. 200 blast damage out of 700 total damage. It’s nothing. If you factor in the reload speed, a Judge probably does more splash damage. And now thx to that wonderful change, point-blanking with Ava (something you have NO CHOICE but to do sometimes) leads to you splashing your weaps for 250 dmg, and the opponent’s weaps for like 30 dmg. Great.
Stop getting nailed in your explosives or cab by that innacurate slow-ass projectile… Literally just a simple wiggle will prevent the opponent from aiming where it hurts.

Snowfalls are twice as powerful at the same PS, with better projectile speed, accuracy, traverse rate, damage, range and reload speed, and when I called 'em strong you all laughed because you couldn’t hit past 20 meters with them. I have no idea wtf you guys have against Ava which is worse in every aspect but I assure you you’ll forget all about it if I ever bite your ass with triple Snowfalls at 9k PS. Oh, and Snowfalls take reduced self-damage and I’ve never seen them get obstructed, so don’t even try to block my guns with your frames :joy:

Also the comparison with Masts is as dishonest as it gets. Masts are viable. Ava isn’t. There’s a reason why you play Masts over Ava or Mamms, and it’s because the weapon is worth the drawbacks.


It has much worse dura/energy than Masts, Mamms and Typhs (it’s on par with Elephant or Tsu which are much longer range weapons). It has worse dura/mass. It’s a gigantic block of crap that gets heated and sniped way faster than any of those other weapons, and you only have one on your car. It also shuts down the moment your gen goes kaboom. Its perk doesn’t even make it shine in that department, and deprives it of potentially much better perks than “lol your weapon is a bit tougher”

Its durability is NOT a selling point no matter how hard you try to spin numbers around. I mostly played Kaiju with a bunch of buffs since a year, popping an Ava in a single volley is not an extraordinary feat.

First of all, Devs should affect weapon durability based on vehicle type(light/med/hvy).

Otherwise i dont see sense using Mastos on HVY, rather light/med only. Its same way too easy to degun anyway. And even if you hide them, you loose too much mass for other parts.

Well said. Tunnel vision is the most lethal weapon in Xo. It kills me every time I encounter it.


Older games did a better job at teaching people how to use the tools at their disposal. Not watching your radar on CS would get you banned from servers really really quick for friendly fire :joy: You literally had to learn or gtfo. Nobody ever complained.


Everything is spoon fed nowadays, I miss the days of being thrown into a game after the basics and you just find things out for yourself.

Problem solving and teamwork are out the window now, everyone needs a big red arrow over the enemy and/or a big marker on their screen telling them where to go and what to do in big boomer-sized text on the screen (and they still ask other people how to do things).


When I heard ER was coming out, I purposefully watched and read nothing about it. Very satisfying.

I remember falling in love with DayZ simply because it told you nothing and there was so much to that game… No map, barely much hud and a tonne of mechanics to learn. I had to look up some thins eventually as infection types and such would be impossible to learn without a tonne of trial and error but I loved exploring and trying things on my own so much, every time I’d find new combinations or new areas it felt so natural and immersive.

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