Awakening can really use some love

Hello everyone

Over the years I brought quite a few players to Crossout. The vast majority of them really like their initial experience, they even buy packs. They put some builds together, get into PvP, then their interest fades out.

Since the release of Awakening, Everyone I brought to Crossout took a big interest in it, only to be disappointed at the lack of content, and the amount of resources and experience earned in there.

For example, I just got another buddy of mine on Crossout this past week. A few days ago we spent 1hr 28min in Awakening doing his Campaign Quests. We did 7 missions, he had an Engineers flag on his build. He earned 28k exp on that run, killed about 120 enemies… he then did One match on Get The Wires and got over 5k exp. The match was like 1min 30seconds.

Another example: I spent 35min in Awakening yesterday. Got 35 Scrap and 30 Copper. I can get more spending a third of that time on Patrols.

I believe Awakening can drive new players in Crossout, and offer current players a break from the routine, if it had some more content.

The Devs already put an effort in creating it, and everyone I brought in since takes a big interest in it. I believe it would be worth updating.

A lot of the players here dont really have an interest in Awakening. This makes sense because most of us are here for the PvP aspect. Awakening is a mere skeleton of what it can be, and in its current state it can not retain players who favor that kind of experience. This doesn’t mean that the game will not benefit from Awakening being updated. It will bring in new players, it will retain more players, and it will offer current players a break from the routine.

Some of the “I wish it had” I keep hearing are: The Factions inside Awakening and have them offer players Daily/Weekly Quests, Limited Time Quests, Jobs, and Bounties. More loot and resource drops from enemies, and rewards for Faction Tasks. More Exp. Faction Exp and rewards from Faction tasks. Day/Night cycles. Voice acting. Different biomes. Garage areas where you can quickly swap builds…

A potential Awakening experience can be: players can pick up tasks to complete from different factions for rewards and exp, offering an alternate route to Faction leveling. Various combat areas to rotate and farm that offer different levels of difficulty and intensity. Players can group up and go after “veteran” enemies that spawn throughout the day for rewards such as paint cans, stickers, banners, structure parts.

I can keep going but I will wrap it up here.

Do you think Awakening can use an update? Do you like its current state? Do you have ideas on how it can be better? Should it even be in the game?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. See you all in the Wasteland!

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It’s hard to comment on this PVP, PVE, Story Modes are all parts of the game in whole.

I think Awakening needs to be geared towards new players in the most part prior to pvp experience. It’s a good spot to train into raids as well these are all PVE portions of the game. I think there needs to be a PVP instance for Awakening going with that. I’ve seen this done in other games as private duel instances where they take a sample of territory where the two users are in and separate it out for them just to do combat with no one else can interfere with it.

In the general order of MMO’s the awakening area should have a larger job board. This should include both repeated and non-repeatable elements.

This is just fluff let them work on other portions first.

This is really just normal dailies that need to be expanded as of above. There are more things in that area that people just are not willing to do for badges yet.

If using there current model of sales I would say the following:
Add on per BP pass area alterations to awakening area via purchasable via cross crowns post event. Don’t include them to base challenges but leave them in post event. On the first anniversary (or when revenue for cost is satiated) open them up for the rest of the free players.

I’d love it if, when the season BP’s start, the devs opened up one of the many gates on the perimeter of Adventure Mode and, then, we get to explorer that area for all the new content. I went so far as to create a prequel to Awakening in order to help it’s own story feel more “lived-in” for lack of a better term. Forgive me for self promoting here, but, if you wanna check it out, let me know. it’s 30 minutes cartoon.