Back To The Future Wheels

How would you feel about UFO Wheels A.k.A Back To The Future Wheels !!!

You know on Back to the Future , The Delorean Tires are Drivable then converts to a flying Hover Car…

I Think that would be a great Pack or Event for Dawn Children!!!

The Wheels will Drive like Omni Wheels , and Convert to Hovers like BigRam drivable to walkable setting, with a built in small speed boost. For getting away or intercepting!!


This should definitely be a hover CK.
Where we’re going we don’t need roads.


Im all for it.

These would match the pretty new parts for the next BP :wink:

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I hate it. Not Mad Max enough.

Then again, I’d probably buy some as soon as they’re released & build a completely goofy art build with it. :clown_face: :joy:

I feel like they should work like a light normal wheel in wheel mode, and a very fast light hover in hover mode.
I wouldn’t want the wheels to look like omniwheels, and we already have those.


top speed of 88 in wheel mode and to unlock the flight perk you must reach 88 for 3 seconds lol


88 mph is about 140 kmh, which would require boosters to hit, but would also a be very cool way to activate the perk.
Maybe these hovers could fly like helicopters for a limited time?

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how about a CK for the hovers that makes them into these?


At this point, in time I don’t even equate Crossout to Mad Max solely anymore as it’s whatever the devs take inspiration from be it Twisted Metal or Star Wars!


Great pic I couldn’t find a good one

I’d like to add a little more :crazy_face:

Do you see the similarity?

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“Hovers, whales, and everything for a price!”

Honestly, Star Wars, Star Trek… sci-fi… Back to the Future… I’d probably settle for anything if they went back to the model of creating actual fully fleshed out factions instead of these lame Battle Pass ones.