Background Banner


Does anyone know how to get that background? I see it on bots all the time but never players.

It’s just a bot only background, I literally just checked, can’t earn it, it isn’t in a pack or not even in a limited time unobtainable section, so judging by that it’s a bot only banner

I have it, but then again I am a bot.

Doesn’t appear anywhere on the banner section, could have been one of those awards you get off the main game?

I forgot I did see it on 1 player in a raid, I asked him how he got it but didn’t get a reply.

Cool, how did you get it?


According to the Crossout wiki it’s called “Survived King: Rookie,” is unavailable, and listed as a Brawl reward…except I don’t think it is. IDK.


I’m actually a bot. You’ve probably seen me in-game as “Brian.” :wink:


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