Backwards key better than handbrake?

Im finding using the backwards key stops me way faster than the handbrake does. Was this always a thing or just after the update?

I think there is more slide now with the handbrake than before.

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Before, handbrake would lock your non-ST wheels on mixed builds, while locking all the wheels if you only used ST.
Now, handbrake only locks your rear wheels (or the rear section of wheels if you are running more than four).
Reverse/brake locked all wheels before, and locks all wheels now.

So yes, handbrake does not give you as much stopping power, but is very useful for controlling your skidding when turning at high speeds.
It’s also useful for keeping your car stable on a hill when you are trying to snipe.


Ah ok i see. Thanks for the info. Im actually not minding the new driving conditions. I find myself sliding off of walls a bit better when im stuck trying to turn off of them.

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