Bad fusions

Let’s discuss fused items, and especially bad apples we might have gotten, and in general on which fusions are absolutely worthless on a specific gun, or all guns.

I’ve got 3 +aim time Corvos, which is probably the worst thing to get in that fusion bracket, luckily for me the same three Corvos have the +damage fusion, which is the main thing I was after with fusing them

Another dud for me are my 3 fused medians, once again I went for bullet traveling speed and got that, but all three also have the +impulse on hit fusion that really makes no difference at all compared to normal medians, unless you’re fighting literal 3000ps builds, which you never will with 3 medians

Rotation speed is tricky in general for me, absolutely worthless 90% of the time since you’ll be running an oppressor anyway, but if you for whatever reason can’t run an oppressor, then it does give a slight, but very slight upper hand

Hovers getting an acceleration % increase fusion and no other movement part is stupid

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The worst fusion I’ve seen is a Porcupine fused for extra ammo reserves.

Porcs can be:

  • 15 percent Ammo
    +25 percent Bullet Speed
  • 4 seconds mine on field time

+9 percent reload
+5 percent damage

  • 5 percent puddle size

-17 percent weight
+10 percent durabilty
+10 percent resistance to all damage

Fusing for bullet speed or mine on field time is the main benefit to fusing a Porc. Ammo reserve is absolutely useless because every self respecting Porker has 2 fused expanded ammo packs on every Porc loadout.

I do remember recoil fusion on incinerators lol, not sure if they changed that one but hopefully they did

Agreed… sadly one of my 4 fused porcs has ammo :frowning:

I want to refuse it. But I have 3 good ones, so I think I’ll hold out for now.

It’s a ton of coins to just change one stat.

literally every movement part does?

That just tells me you didn’t bother to even look

You know what is even more stupid? Comments from the people who dont want to put any effort to check other movement parts.


any others?

Go and check Im not gonna make your homework for you :rofl:

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Don’t own them, not going to either

Ok, then why are you talking nonsense on the forum without checking the information? You’re just misleading ppl trying to stigmatize hovers. Ppl like you cannot be taken seriously.

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It does not mater what the topic it is, this user always insists on starting things and pushing a personal agenda.

On this account and their many alt accounts.


Its pretty much the exact same affect as power drain.


-mass on tiny weapons. Ya. That 20 or 30 hp will help. -.-

-the -20% recoil on my tsunami.

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Yup, for some reason, the XO forums (old/New) seem to attract people who troll/harass others with multiple accounts!

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no it isn’t

i actually cant imagine making a post crying about other movement parts besides hovers not having power fuse without actually checking holy sht

literally every movement part does little guy


That’s not the same though, are you delusional?

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