Badge anti abuse solution

hear me out on this because i know people are upset about this.

a solution for the badges is simple.

in the game when you complete a daily challenge it marks itself as complete. this challenge is then stuck as complete until the day rolls over and it resets. so… why cant badges be the same?

for example, lets say someone in a clan completes ALL of the challenges the first 2 days, then leaves and tries to join another band to us them for more badges, well he cant.
when the badge challenges are complete they should act like dailies, be checked off in the “completed missions” tab below and be unavailable to that player regardless of if he joins another band or not until the week resets.
however for the missions he hasnt done they can still be completed.

this would prevent abuse of the system. lets not forget here people that this is FOR BADGES, NOT URANIUM. clan challenges are meant for weekly challenges and dont earn you uranium.
i have said it in a previous post, this is not clan wars, players are not playing for uranium, they are playing for weekly badges.


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The problem might just be how the leave and join logic works. As in the other completed missions logic might already work that way. The few band/clan challenges that I’ve finished have marked themselves complete and listed themselves at the bottom the same way dailies work.

The problem is these tasks are a group effort.

You could have the clan unlock everything for you. So why should you keep it if you leave?

It would be nice to have a solution.

I think if you hold all rewards to Sunday, then when they pay out the rewards the system would look at your participation level and give you the rewards based on that.

Then if you leave a group and join another you would still have time to earn the full reward as long as you hit that number.

I’m not sure what that number should be, but I would keep it low enough that someone could do it in like 3-4 hours or something like that

Maybe the waiting period should be on the other side of the line; you can quit, but you aren’t actually released until the clan pay-out is taken care of. Then, as the next cycle begins, you are ejected, and a free agent again. You get your paycheck and then split.

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I’m pretty sure they have an activity requirement lock to collect any of the rewards. I can’t seem to find the photo I saw with it on there though.

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I guess they need to stop people from hopping into an open clan right at the end of the season and getting all the rewards, then jumping out to another one to do the same.

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This was that activity requirement lock that mentioned a few hours ago and couldn’t find the image for:

So there are some other anti-abuse things going on too.

Yes, that is what I was talking about.

They already have an activity requirement.

So if they payed everyone out on Sunday based off requirement AND if your current clan completed the tasks you would get everything.

The only “drawback” would be that you need to earn back the minimum in the new clan.

At least this way you would still have an option to earn the full reward without really changing the system. You just need to change the payout to a once a week lump sum.

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And that is the truth. Nothing will fix group activities for solo players.

I kind of feel like if a player leaves a group they should lose progress on challenges that aren’t finished, as well as have that activity counter reset but keep any earned rewards already collected. The challenges that were completed in the previous group should just mark themselves unavailable to be collected for the duration of the season if a player joins another group later to avoid duplication of rewards. If it was done this way no one would have to worry if a player was ahead of a group they later join. As far as the rank issues go with dividing up the challenges they should just get rid of that part as it over complicates it.

Beyond that it should mostly be some clan dependent bit of logic dealing with uranium and rank and if a player can fight or not in the remainder of a season.

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