Badges coming for solos

Too little too late?

I hope not.

[Announcement] Crossout Art — September 2053

⭐ The summer is coming to an end, but that’s no reason to be sad because there will be a lot of interesting things waiting for you in Crossout in September!

🔥 The next update will feature a new event, balance changes (which you will be able to test this week on a special server), and a number of other fixes and improvements.

😱 Also in September, we’ll begin to learn what awaits us in the new season after the “Road to the Singularity” update. We can’t wait to show and tell you everything! Buckle up — it’s going to be a thrilling ride!

⚠️ And on the last day of August, you can expect a small but important update that will make a number of changes to the system of earning the Engineer badges for solo players. We have reviewed your questions and suggestions about the clan quest system and have decided to:

— rework the current list of clan challenges;

— add challenges for those players who are not members of clans or bands. As a result, those players who complete all challenges (both clan and solo) will be able to get even more badges than they can get now.

— fix some issues that could lead to players being deliberately kicked out of clan or band by a leader;

— double the amount of “Confrontation” rating earned in PvP-missions.


I didn’t include the artwork on purpose. It’s stupid looking, and I don’t care.

I have little expectation this will reel me back in. I hope it does. I think.


This is what I expected. Thank you for more badges dev team!

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Good for you for fixing your own problems that you make…


unbelievable but what a bronze face


Was this copy&pasted? I hope not. It says “September 2053

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The game is fictionally set 30 years in advance, so this will be in a few days/weeks.

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Gawd dayum it’s gonna be a heck of a miniBP show! So thrilling (actually not)

Pussies. If you made a decision at least stand by it. Now we know they have no balls.

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Is this real? Is this what they actually said?
I just want to know.


Look in the news.


Thank you

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Solo and clan badges are going to crash the resource market and make legendary weapons very cheap.


What the solo guys don’t realize is they are getting nothing with the upcoming patch.

Because if both solo and clans get the same reward for finishing solo challenges then doesn’t that negate the reward because the new guy will never be able to catch up because clans get both rewards?

Now I’m not saying a solo player even has a chance to catch up - they don’t, period - but this is a little insult to injury if this is a serious “we are trying to help the solo guy” fix.

If they are going to give them solo challenges I think it should be less reward then the clans get a week for their challenges to promote people to go to a clan and play the other part of the game, BUT have them separate so the solo reward is really a reward for their “solo” effort and not just a sympathy prize that both sides get.

They need a separate solo system.

I also do expect a resource flood, but it will even out at some point.

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You have a point, but I’m not sure most solo players are trying to catch up to clan wars players. I know I’m not.
I just want enough resources that I can continue to acquire new items at a rate that keeps things interesting for me. I know I’m never going to catch up to people like you, and that doesn’t bother me, because I’m still not that interested in clan wars, and that’s the only place you really need that gear.

You just want to hate. People could have thrown some gently polite suggestions at the devs and gotten the same results. In case you havent noticed with changes to crossout… nothing is set in stone. I have been certain since they changed the challenges system that they would be doing some huge overhauls to it later.

You’re toxic bruh.

oh finally an objective consideration, you absolutely right, if they want to penalize solitary players, they say it right away that we salute them warmly. that all.
Have nice day guy

True, but for now I’m just glad they’re bringing back the Weeklies

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Im already getting twice as many badges weekly on this new system. So now ill get even more with the added solos.

Take your finger out of that.

Nothing? Let’s consider a simplistic view of this.

You are in the desert, you had water, but someone took it. You now have zero water.
That person gives you back some of the water.
Do you not gain water over having none?

Just because one section of the population will benefit from both does not mean the secondary grouping is receiving nothing. That is a fallacy.

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this does not work like real life because it produces stuff out of thin air.

It’s more like this - remember I never did badge challenges before and most of us clan/PvP guys never did.

You get 10 apples a week - I get zero apples a week

I take your 10 apples a week - and now you get zero

Then next week I give you 3 of the 10 apples a week - and I keep 10 of the 10 apples a week.

Where did the 3 extra apples come for? I’m still taking all your apples - so how do I have an extra 3 to share with you?

So you can act like those 3 apples are a reward - but how I see it is I get all your reward, and then we toss you some of the apple cores and call that your apples.

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It’s just smoke into the eyes