Balance changes not really felt anywhere

Does anyone else feel like the balance changes, copious amounts of them that we have had, have not really been that feel-able? The stuff that sucked still sucks, the stuff that did better than other stuff still does better than other stuff, meta stuff has not really changed as a whole and the same builds that were a pain to deal with and sometimes impossible to deal with without a specific counter, for example nova hover 4 arbiters, still are a pain even with supposed balance tweaks and changes.

Shotguns and rapid fire machine guns still shred and chew through a build way better than any weapon that you think would, like explosions. Wedging and driving straight at a build still disables builds. DPS and hold button to deal damage type of weapons that have a very forgiving aiming still perform way better than any reloading weapons that need very precise aiming and hits, even if you are landing near perfect shots.

When I really look back and compare that to how the game is, in general there really is not much of a noticeable change, even though we have gotten like 20+ balance changes during that time.

It feels like they dish out random balance tweaks in the general direction people want, after they keep pointing it out month after month, and then undo everything with a big change like supercharged or armor change, throwing everything out of the window and the game is back to being more or less the same stale thing where the same stale builds and weapons still are way better than everything else

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like this? That generally there is not much of a change, even though supposedly a lot of things have been changed


Targem is taking great care to pretend to tweak the game, while leaving the same dozen parts rule the meta. You can’t have your precious whales quit because you destroyed their fused relics.

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The balance changes are completely ineffective at doing anything other than curbing whatever the whales complain about. Furthermore they are made worse by these perpetual battlepass tasks that require tryharding to do, like getting weapon mastery twice or scoring 850 points multiple times. PvP is perpetually full of grinders with MG hovers or shotguns which just makes the game hypercompetitive ALL THE TIME

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im glad im not the only one who noticed this, as for changing it, it seems targam wants to unbalance their game for some reason, because the problem has not been fixed since they started this game.

just play… :crazy_face:
edit’ sorry, but ‘balance changes’ doesn’t really mean…‘changes in your favor’… :thinking:

I’m feeling it. I’m happy with the current balance (for now). I like to keep it well under ps7K though.

9K on up seems more like a free for all with every step up. The matchmaker’s power-score disparities get really wide as you go up (very narrow at 5K, crazy wide at 9K+), and I think that makes things more difficult, and “unbalanced.”

If you don’t have proper gear for it, and a dash of META madness, I’d expect it to be rough. Almost any set up or weapon arrangement available can be used at 9K and higher. Anything goes, and it just gets raunchier (META mandated) from there, I think.

No, I don’t think the game is “balanced” anywhere above 9K (in PVP). It’s perhaps questionable even at 7K, but personally, I’m content with the way it runs under that, and I feel like I’ve seen some improvement in balance where I play (my kill rate went up 0.01).

I’m playing a little different these days though. I will use mode-specific builds now, for example. I’ve got a little shotgun META in my PVP line-up (not all, but one or two), I like the Catalina and machine-guns for raids, and I do my cannons-builds and clown-cars in Patrol if I need to get that or some other weird challenge done…or if I just feel like screwing around.

I’m finding ways to make it work, and I like the game more today than I have since 2.0 hit the fan. I stay off the freeway though, if you know what I mean.


Greetings, I’m sure this has been mentioned before…but I agree with the fact that changes do little. When I first joined this rag tag bunch of guys playing Crossout… things were very different… I realize that the Devs are trying to make the game for"EVERYONE".

But why Do Cannons feel like MG’s… in real life hovers are on the surface not above… it feels that most things are just about equal with everything else… yes there are things that have more power and such… But when you NOT include relics, most things seem the same…

And someone mentioned having the right gear… Ummm what is the right gear?? It seems that no matter what you choose to protect your build, there is a weapon that finds a way to demolish it.

When I first started Crossout, the first thing I ever said was that Relics need their own tier, but that was shot down quickly…

And if someone has a way to make this game feel correct then by all means lets us know.

AND My lousy 2 cents… The current downgrading of weapons, movement, cabins… is bulll. Might as well buy a new part and sell it… I’m not spending $$ to get 15 stabilizers to be able to sell … NOPE… Thanks…


funny i agree’its just a game though…

we don’t have hovers in real life…

anything u can find i guess…they really don’t know lol…

'they can’t and will never know unless it’s in their favor…good luck and god speed :crazy_face:

‘the need to write a Big wall of text’ thanks :rofl:

There are jet powered hover board irl. I am sure the technology started much larger. That doesn’t mean it is feasible for mass production.


Realistic hovers is planted on the arse of a fighter plane

In fact, the scientists of the Children of Dawn put their hover on the ground and limited their speed in order to take care of the rest of the people on the wasteland


I feel like the devs do not play their own game at all short of hover/dog/gerrida play and they do the rest of the balancing based on bot performance and the cries of the CW whales.


They sure never play their game more than 30 mins every balance patch. Now if only they balanced the game every 2 weeks instead of every year… :joy: