Balance changes with Polar Lights

Let’s discuss the balance changes that came with the polar lights in general on parts we have tested, and out opinions on them.

Executioner, when I saw all the buffs I was worried they were going to make it OP and then nerf it to the ground again, and while they are now much better, I don’t think they are op. Running a triple Exe build now works and it feels like you get stuff done, but at the same time it’s not op and you can do bad with them.

Aggressor cabin, the changes are good, but even at maximum cheesing with the new Hertz codriver and bigfoots, driving in a straight line is still too much of a downside in battles for it to really get popular imo. It used to be a drone only cab, and I think they tried to make it more viable for other kinds of weapons, but no matter what kind of a build I try, be it with a single shot weapon or a dps one, you realistically can’t build up and keep up charges even now unless you manage to spot a slow moving enemy build all by itself. No matter what kind of trickery you try to do, be it in the middle of the battle driving at the enemy and past them only to do a quick turn and repeat that, simply going for a hit and run tactic and fleeing after unloading some damage with maximum aggressor charge, or trying to stay off to the sides and offer support fire while keeping your damage charges up. And the sucky steering of wheels after the supercharged update just makes it harder to put to any use outside the same old drone builds. Not to mention the maps now feel more restricting and too tight, as you can’t steer that well in them, especially with teammates around with equally as poorly handling cars, a problem I did not notice until now when playing excessively with wheels after a long while.

I’ve been testing everything I have.

Executioners still don’t have enough durability vs size. Damage is fine now though. Maybe not great, but servicable.

I only ever used the aggressor as a lance cabin with boosters. Maybe I’m missing something but it still sucks.

Overall, changes seem fine, though I have not played hovers at all for a long time.

I like aggressor with melee, or weapons like gremlins where you’re meant to pin victims. The perk charges even if your tires are spinning, so if you’re running Bigfoots and a cheetah, you can get up to full perk quickly while holding down your gas while pinning someone.