Balance Changes

Suggestions for balance changes :

Aspect :

  • Increased damage by 5%
  • Increased perk damage boost limit from 60% to 80%

Comment : The efficiency of Aspect are currently the same as the epic machine gun “Spectre-2” even while using the perk at it’s best wich is not normal. With this changes the weapon will be improved to match it’s rarity rank and reward better the difficult use of the weapon’s perk.

Crossbow Spike, Toadfish, Phoenix :

  • Durability increased by 30%
  • Rotation speed increased by 20%

Comment : With this changes the durability of crossbows will be improved to match with their large model size, and their target acquisition with more rotation speed.

Nidhogg, Jormungandr :

  • Reduced weapon model size
  • Shells pierce armor up to 1 m with slight damage reduction.

Comment : Like the Hammerfall, would be nice to reduce the size of both shotguns to make them harder to hit and increase their longevity. Armor piercing to the shells to improve the efficiency of the shotguns especially against vehicles with space armor. This should also improve the amount of part heated by the Jormungandr wich is currently not enough.

Snowfall :

  • Slightly increased rockets velocity.
  • New Perk : If 70% of rockets hits the target, the next shot will be fired without preload time.

Comment : The previous perk is not usefull and not appropriate for such weapon. The new perk should be more effective and reward the player for the accuracy.

Aegis Prime :

  • Increased shield radius by 15%
  • Reduced energy drain from 3 to 2
  • Only 1 Aegis Prime can be mounted on a vehicle.

Comment : The Aegis Prime was a too high “sacrifice” for vehicle to use. With this changes it will make it more popular and easier to implement on vehicles without loose too much on other hardwares or weapons. Shield radius also increased to be more convenient for the average vehicles size.

Barrier IX :

  • Energy drain reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Only 2 Barrier IX can be mounted on a vehicle.

Comment : The Barrier IX suffer with the same problems as the Aegis Prime. With this changes it encourage the use of such tactical hardware for a better team support gameplay.

Clarinet TOW :

  • Increased damage by 5%
  • Increased explosion radius by 10%
  • An option to abandon the control of the rocket and instantly go back to your vehicle (right click). The rocket will continue it’s flight.

Comment : Such tactical weapon should be used aside with other type of weapons. However with this changes it improve it’s efficiency to compensate the high risk that the use of such weapon create by standing unaware of the environment while controling the rocket, and more effectiveness against vehicles with space armor.

Corvo :

  • Increased damage by 10%
  • Reload time decreased by 15%

Comment : With this changes it should make the revolver more popular by increasing it’s damage output.

Assembler :

  • Projectiles have an explosion radius. (Currently, only the parts in contact with the projectile are damaged)
  • Damage increased by 100%
  • Perk maximum damage boost decreased from 175% to 40%

Comment : The Assembler have 2 firing modes, however the actual low base damage and perk force the player to do the full charge gameplay. With this changes the weapon can deliver those 2 firing modes properly. Small burst clicks for close ranged combat and full charge for long range, wich should make the weapon much more versatile and provide a more different gameplay (previously too close to Pulsar). At the end with the new damage changes, the use of the perk with the full charge does the same damage as before, with some explosion radius to help against vehicles with space armor, wich the Assembler suffered the most at.

KA-2 Flywheel and KA-1 Discharger

  • 2 Reload modules can be mount on a vehicle instead of 1.

Comment : You can use multiple seal or shiver to improve heating weapons, and with this change you can use multiple reload hardware to improve other weapons. It should still be limited to 2 to avoid balance issues.

Averter :

  • Multiple averter could be mounted on a vehicle, but effects do not stack on a same part.

Comment : With this change we get more options by allowing multiple averter to increase the resistance of parts at different locations on a vehicle.

Jannabi Cabin :

  • After a drift, perk damage bonus remain active for 2 sec.

Comment : With this change it will improve the cabin perk efficiency by making it easier to use, as it is too complicated to actually shot the enemy and deal with the drifts at the same time.

Echo Cabin :

  • Reduced the time to load the perk by 25%.

Comment : This changes should make the Echo cabin more popular by reducing it’s perk time to load wich was a bit too long.

Cockpit Cabin :

  • Maximum damage bonus increased from 40 to 60%.
  • The cabin cannot be used on Leviathan vehicle.

Comment : In the past they changed the cabin perk mainly because it was causing unbalance when used on Leviathan. It seems that it’s still not enough as the cabin is still over used in Leviathan battles and make the use of other cabins pointless. Removing the possibility to use the Cockpit cabin on Leviathan vehicle will resolve the problem.

Did you read everything ? Thanks you ! This is not an official balance change news, sadly. It’s just the changes that i would love to see. But how did you feel when you’ve read all of that, if you believed that it was real ? Did you feel great about it , agree with the changes or not ? Please post your comments and feel free to suggest some changes to the developpers if you’d like it. It was fun writing this.

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Also, reduce size (if not weight too)…

But what I would do to ALL crossbows is change them to harpoons basically…

A harpoon is a propelled spike that uses an inner propulsion method. No need for the wings… While crossbows are so damn awesome, they are just too wide and any car that carries hem resembles either a pancake, or has them in a line along the length, which honestly looks horrible when there is a weapon (huge one) in front of the windshield…

Many a weapon (and cabin) in this game needs a model overhaul for the sake of better building.

Good post overall. I appreciate the effort invested.

I don’t have issue with most of your suggestions…put them on the test server to verify.

I am against energy decrease for aegis and barrier. I think they are perfectly fine as is. I also think echo is prob fine too. It is solid option for epic cab.

I am for being able to stack modules, though perks may need to be considered…like your suggestion for averter. I wanna see engines added. I don’t think having a cheetah and colossus would be a problem when it consumes 2 energy…but that too can be tested on the server


Buff kapkans ,too many dog build in CB.

First thanks you all for reading the post. If you believe in those suggestions you can send the post on suggestions page or crossout social like twitter, they seems to be more active there.

For the dogs builds i have sent a suggestion also for adding a kind of EMP module, wich will looks like an offensive Aegis Prime animation, wich will push the enemies in contact or very close to your vehicle few meters away and disable their movements parts/engine or maybe even weapons for a very short time so you get opportunity to escape them. The problem is that this could also be used by the dogs to get prey easier, so i’m not sure about this anymore.


Echo and reloading shotties do not need a buff at all.
Assembler cannot have a buff without hovers getting a nerf. But they do need a buff.

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